Betsy Bitch on the Web:

BITCH FEATURING BETSY Official Facebook Page: Launched in 2014, this site features new photos and videos, as well as news about Bitch and Betsy as it happens!

Bitch on Reverbnation: Bitch's new presence on the famous band promotion site.

Bitch on MySpace: Official band page run by Betsy herself and loaded with great pictures!

Betsy Bitch on MySpace: Betsy’s personal page.

Bitch in Encyclopedia Metallum (Metal Archives): Their entry in this amazing user-updated heavy metal database. (You can see Witch in there as well.)

The Boxboys Interview and Downloads, 5-13-09: Here’s a rarity!  This is an interview with Betsy about her days as singer with The Boxboys, LA's first second-wave ska band. Features downloads of both of The Boxboys’ 7” releases, both of which feature Betsy on vocals.

Betsy Bitch group at Hair Metal Mansion network: The great Hair Metal Mansion podcast (see below) has a very active social network in the Ning networks, and Betsy has her very own group there. One of the features in the group is this excusive interview with Betsy; check it out!


Bitch Articles and Interviews:

All Access Magazine, 2-15-07: A great concert review written by a friend of Betsy’s.  My favorite part of this article is toward the end: “[A]s I talk with Betsy at the club, a male fan is falling all over himself to speak to her and take a video clip of himself with her, [and] in doing so, horribly blowing off his date. ‘Do you get a lot of this?’ I had to laugh. She just shrugged and took a swig of champagne.” :-D

Metal Maidens, 3-97: The earliest online Bitch interview still on the web; gives some insight into what Bitch was up to in the mid-90’s.

Hard Rock 80 (France), 1-07: A bit tough to read because of the all caps.  In this one we find out Betsy is a fan of the glam revival band The Darkness, and also learn that Betsy owns (*gasp*) a Barry Manilow Greatest Hits album--the horror! The website is from France but the interview is in English.

Full In Bloom Music, 2008: Longer interview with more all caps.  Favorite quote from this one is regarding the Be My Slave photo session:  “I remember being surrounded by whips, chains, handcuffs, ropes and all manner of S&M paraphernalia. I remember standing there amidst all of this gear in my ripped tights, my thigh-high boots and my studded arm bands and Brian Slagel walk[ed] into the room and proclaimed, ‘What a mess!’”.

Heavy Metal Time Machine, 10-8-08: Shorter interview that covers the Bitch basics pretty well.

Sleaze Roxx,  3-16-09: My favorite of all the Betsy interviews currently on the web because it contains some of the best thought-out questions of any of the Bitch interviews here. It gives a little insight as to what Betsy is like offstage too.

No Life 'Til Metal review of Be My Slave/Damnation Alley, 12-13-10: How about this?! Metal fan and band frontman Scott Waters adds a review of Bitch's Be My Slave/Damnation Alley CD (the 1989/1997 version, not the remaster) to his this amazing metal resource site. In the review, Waters describes Bitch as "A proficient 80's heavy metal band...Be My Slave was a product of it's time when heavy metal was about having a good time rather than being angry at the world."

Waters has an interesting Bitch connection in that he used to perform alongside All-Star Bitch Lineup Mark II member Angelo Espino. Waters and Espino performed together circa 2006 in ONCE DEAD, the reformed version of the convtroversial evangelical thrash metal band Vengeance Rising. Waters replaced the band's even more controversial founding lead singer Roger Martinez, and Espino came into the band because of his connection with Vengeance Rising/Once Dead core member Glenn Rogers. Rogers and Espino together formed the instrumental bedrock of thrash metal mainstays Hirax in that band's The New Age Of Terror (2004) lineup, and are now working together again in the reformed version of Heretic.

Heavy Metal Mayhem podcast 2-10 (streaming audio): Betsy did this interview with the always star-studded and ever-interesting Heavy Metal Mayhem podcast in the middle of the sessions for the Steve Kara-produced All-Star Bitch album, which is one of the dominant topics here. The band was working on relaunching the official bitch site at the time, and that is mentioned here as well. They even go as far as playing a track from The Boxboys, the pioneering ska band that Betsy was in before she joined Bitch; how cool is that? (i.e. this site) is mentioned by name in the podcast, which is an honor. (See below for more info on Heavy Metal Mayhem.)

Heavy Metal With Jeff Olson interview 3-11 (direct MP3 download): This is the direct download of Betsy's interview with Jeff Olson, former drummer of Trouble, on his new online radio show Heady Metal With Jeff Olson. You can also find it in the Show Archive page on his radio show's website. Interview with Betsy 7-11: A really enjoyable read from this Danish online fanzine. Covers Bitch's status as pioneers, the Be My Slave/Damnation Alley Remaster, and the All-Star Line-Up Mark II (aka Anger As Art), along with some unique information not currently published elsewhere. I do want to point out that Bitch is not the first lady-fronted metal band in the world, just in the USA (there are groups in the UK and Europe that preceed Bitch), and that the Bitch line-up listed in this interview is actually the now-defunct All-Star Lineup Mark I. What aside, this is a very well-designed and edited interview; definitely one of the first in this list to read alongside the 2009 Sleaze Roxx interview listed above.

KNAC Interview 7-24-11: Los Angeles metal station KNAC interviewed Betsy and Steve Gaines for a Metal Massacre package tour sponsored by Metal Blade Records and featuring Bitch with fellow Metal Massacre alumni Malice and Heretic. KNAC's DJ Will interviewed them and then later made a YouTube video out of the interview. (Thanks to DJ Will and Frank Skalsky for pointing this one out to us!)


Bitch-Related Bands and Industry People:

Anger As Art: Official site of the thrash metal band fronted by Steve Gaines, whose members made up Bitch's back-up band in the All-Star Line-Up Mark II from 2010 to 2013.  Check their MySpace for more info and song samples. 

Witch official site: Betsy joined the classic Sunset Strip metal band Witch in late 2008, replacing original vocalist Peter Wabbitfor a time. This site covers Betsy’s work with Witch so well that it’s best to send you there and let them give you the skinny on her work with them.  The site is loaded with large, high quality photos of Witch past and present, and features a detailed Witch discography that is almost as detailed as our Bitch discography.

Killen: I cannot recommend this almost flawless traditional/power/progressive metal band enough!  This all-instrumental group was fronted by 1999 “Infatuation”-period Bitch member Ed McCrary, and featured Bitch co-founders David Carruth and Robby Settles in the lineup.  Check the entries for their CD Speak No Evil (2006) and DVD Epic (2007) on CDBaby, and go to their official MySpace to hear some of their music.

Lizzy Borden: Lizzy was label mates with Bitch when they were with Metal Blade, and continue to be a regular on Metal Blade’s roster.  Betsy did guest vocals with Lizzy on a cover of The Tubes’ “Don’t Touch Me There” that was released on Lizzy’s 1987 stopgap EP Terror Rising.  Lizzy Borden, like Alice Cooper, is the name of both a band and its frontman (whose birth name is Gregory Harges).  Lizzy is one of the long-running banner wavers for classic heavy metal and is truly one of the very best of the genre.  I’ve personally listened myself sick on their newest album Appointment With Death (2007), which some fans rightly believe to be Lizzy’s best album ever. I also heartily recommend Lizzy’s 1989 prog-metal masterpiece Master of Disguise and the 2000 comeback album Deal With the Devil (get the Japanese edition with the Scorpions cover “We’ll Burn the Sky” if you can).

Bill Metoyer: The legendary metal producer and engineer Bill Metoyer worked on Be My Slave, The Bitch is Back, and A Rose By Any Other Name.  Bill continues to do production and engineering work with his production company Skull Seven Productions.

Joe Romersa: Joe Romersa was the producer of the album The Bitch is Back and a high school classmate of Betsy’s.  Romersa is a multi-talented guy to say the least, with a very long list of credits as a producer, drummer, voice actor, and visual artist.

The Electric Prunes: One of the legendary garage bands of the late 1960’s is back and proving themselves to the world like a young band reaching for fame for the first time.  The band shared twin guitar players Steve Kara and Jay Dean with the first All-Star Line-up of Bitch.

More Lady Metal Pioneers:

ANN BOLEYN (Hellion, Détente)

Hellion in No Life ’Til Metal: NLTM is an incredible resource that is run by Scott Waters, a long-running metal fan and singer/bandleader with a MASSIVE metal collection. Waters essentially surveys metal artists’ discographies and gives his opinions on the music, and his opinions are very fair, thoughtful, articulate, and well written.

Ann Boleyn as a Little Girl Ann Boleyn
Isn't the picture on the left just adorable? That's Ann Boleyn of Hellion as a little girl putting on a "concert" to a Beatles record, complete with a Tinkertoy microphone and a paper cutout guitar and Beatles drum head (misspelled "Beetles" with two E's--how cute is that?) The picture on the right is a more recent photo of Ann giving an interview on her 2001 Japanese tour.

Hellion Bio at Metallian: Ann and Hellion had a much tougher time on the road to fame and notoriety than Bitch did, and this bio covers some of the basics.  Essentially Ann grew up in a podunk town in Washington State and decided to try to make something of herself in Hollywood even though her parents were dead set against it. The poor lady had the following happen to her: had to leave The Runaways because manager Kim Fowley was making the band members “turn tricks” for other industry people--even though most of them were underage; narrowly escaped a life of white slavery in the Alaskan Klondike; and had to leave the management of Wendy Dio (wife of Ronnie James Dio) because no label would take Hellion no matter how hard Wendy shopped them. She also had two bands defect on her for the exact reason she had to leave Wendy Dio's management; one formed a band called Burn, and the other became part of an early version of Mandy Lion's WWIII.   Finally, when things were looking up for Ann and she was getting ready to release Hellion’s masterpiece The Black Book with a big promo tie-in on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, the network cancelled the show and the label reneged on the promotion, causing the album to sink without a trace.  It’s no wonder that on Hellion’s 2003 album Will Not Go Quietly, Ann sounds like she’s exorcising all of her demons at once!  Hellion did have one album go to #6 on the charts in the UK, so at least they had something to show for all the heartache they went through.  This bio covers Hellion’s story in further detail.

Screams in the Night: Ann Boleyn Fan Page: This is an older page and one of the hardest-to-read pages I’ve EVER seen.  I have to highlight everything on the page in order to read it.  It’s got some great insight into Ann’s world though, so grappling with it does pay off somewhat.

Ann Interview with Reality Check TV on YouTube:  I love this interview!  The two metalheads that interview Ann are huge “women in metal” fans and cover really all the basics of Ann’s career with her, complete with a romp through Hellion’s discography.  They also discuss Ann’s work with lady-fronted thrash metal band Détente (Ann was still with the band when this video was created), and the video shows footage of Ann singing with Détente.  The interview makes reference to Betsy and Bitch too, complete with a brief shot of Betsy performing live.

DORO PESCH (Warlock, Doro)

Doro American Fan Club Site: A load of info, complete with a great discography and tons of articles and links. Don’t be fooled by the fantasy artwork portraits, by the way.  Doro is a hot blonde that is also completely loveable; she’s definitely a teddy bear in leather and steel getup if there ever was one.

Doro interview on Sleaze Roxx, 6-13-09: Gives you an idea of what a sweetheart Doro is.

Warlock and Doro in No Life ’Til Metal: More excellent commentary on the many albums Doro has released over the years, both with Warlock and under her own name.


GYDA GASH (Stoner/doom pioneer)

Gyda Bass, lady stoner/doom pioneer Gyda Gash with Bobby Liebling of Pentagram
Here's lady stoner/doom pioneer Gyda Gash. The photo on the right features Gyda with Bobby Liebling, frontman of stoner/doom gods Pentagram. The two are looking at Bobby's personal copy of Gyda's 60 Milligrams single together.
Gyda Gash is one of the very first female solo artists (if not THE first) to perform stoner/doom metal. Gyda has a VERY long-running msuic background that begins with her involvement in the '77 New York punk scene. To this day she is best known for her commentary about the New York punk scene in the book Please Kill Me: An Uncensored Oral History of Punk, although she has said that this was a hollow victory for her because the book concentrated more on the debauchery of the scene than on what really matters to her, which is the music. In the early eighties she picked up the bass guitar and became a musician in her own right. She has since performed with groups such as Psychic TV , The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Angel Rot (featuring White Zombie veteran Tom Five), and even did a one-off TV appearance with free jazz legend Ornette Coleman! Her “day job” is as bass player of the all-lady Judas Priest tribute band Judas Priestess.

Gyda's debut 7” single, 60 Milligrams (“60 Milligrams” b/w “Ghost Boyfriend”), was released on December 21, 2009 by the American imprint Needleteeth Records. The 60 Milligrams single absolutely smokes on both sides, and is an essential purchase for every fan of stoner/doom. You can buy the 60 Milligrams single for $5.00 US at this link, and go to Gyda's MySpace page to read more about her.

Gyda Gash “60 Milligrams” video on YouTube: The A-side of the pioneering 60 Milligrams single by Gyda Gash is dedicated to Pentagram frontman Bobby Liebling, who counts himself as a fan of Gyda's (see photo above for proof). Here is a very well put together video for “60 Milligrams” that features Gyda in the studio during the recording of the song.


Metal Blade Records: 

Metal Blade Records Official Site: As self-explanatory as it gets.

Official Metal Blade Discography: A complete listing of practically every album ever released by Metal Blade Records.  I used this as a source for building our Bitch discography.

Detailed Metal Blade Discography 1982-1986: This unofficial discography covers the first four years of Metal Blade releases, complete with album cover photos and serial #’s.  Very nit-picky info for the discography nerds amongst us.

Brian Slagel and Metal Blade Records—Why They Are Cool: This tribute page to Brian Slagel and Metal Blade Records draws attention to Brian’s and Metal Blade’s long-running pattern of honest business practices and concern for their artists, past and present.   Includes brief stories on Brian’s involvement with Bitch, as well as with Flotsam & Jetsam, The Galactic Cowboys, and Voivod.  Enhanced with MP3 samples and YouTube videos throughout.

Metal Blade 20th Anniversary Box Set Online Browsing Companion: With 9 CD’s, 1 DVD, and a half a day’s worth of music, Metal Blade’s 20th Anniversary Box Set is one of the most amazing vanity releases ever.  However, because of its size it can be a little bit intimidating for the uninitiated. For that reason I built an online browsing companion for the box set, which features a complete track listing, MP3 samples of many of the songs, and YouTube videos that cover about two thirds of the DVD.   The track listing features a running commentary from Brian Slagel himself.

Metal Blade Records Vault on eBay: Metal Blade have been around for nearly thirty years now, and believe it or not they still have some leftover stock from past releases that have long been deleted and are commanding collector prices now.  Metal Blade’s Vault division allows you to go to the source to buy the last remaining copies of these classics that have since reached collectible status.


Metal Radio Shows:

HEAVY METAL MAYHEM (streaming radio show at Blog Talk Radio)
Homepage w/ Streaming Audio and Archives
Facebook Page

This two-hour New York City-based show could not be more fascinating. Not only do they feature an endless succession of interviews with metal arists of all stripes, they also feature tracks from RARE metal demos from the time, many of which are impossible to find and are dubbed directly from cassettes. The two-hour show plays on Sunday nights at 6:00 pm-8:00 pm (Eastern Time USA) and archives instantly. They featured Betsy as guest star in a February 2010 podcast, which you can listen to here.

HEADY METAL WITH JEFF OLSON (streaming radio show at Metal Messiah Radio Online)
Show Archive
Facebook Page

Jeff "Oly" Olson is the drummer of Trouble, one of the pioneers of stoner/doom metal and previous labelmates with Bitch at Metal Blade Records. Oly's two hour show plays on Monday nights 7 pm-9 pm (Eastern Time USA) on the online radio station Metal Messiah Radio, and is achived on the "Show Archive" page on the show's website the next day. Betsy is guest in a March 2011 edition of this show; a direct download of the MP3 of this show is available here.

HAIR METAL MANSION (streaming radio show at Rockin' Mayhem Radio)
Ning Network
Show Archive

Facebook Page

Hair Metal Mansion invites you to "relive the debauchery filled days of the 80's" with a weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) dose of hair, glam, and sleaze rock from then and now! Their three-hour show plays on Wednesdays at 7 pm-10 pm (Central Time USA) on Rockin' Mayhem Radio, and features loads of great music and an endless parade of interviews with sleaze/glam stars. What is truly awe-inspiring is that Andrew, their host, is 21 years old, but completely lives and breathes hair metal and the 80's to the point that you would never know that he wasn't actually there to experience it the first time around. Instead of having a traditional homepage, they instead have opted to make their online homebase in a busy Ning Network, where you can meet fellow glam/sleaze fans and read some great show reviews and written interviews with the stars, including one with Betsy herself.


Dee Snider's House of Hair: Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has had a long-running alternate career as a radio personality, and House of Hair is Dee's weekly, syndicated show that's all about metal! The show keeps it metal for two hours a week on dozens of stations throughout the United States and Canada. If you live in the States or Canada, check this map to see if there is a station near you that carries the show. And if there is, to quote Dee himself: “Get in, sit down, shut up, and hold on!”

The Edge at KZZE, Medford, Oregon: This is a four-hour live radio show that takes place Friday nights 8 pm-12 am (Pacific Time, USA) and is streamed online when it plays. The unfortunate thing about this show is that it runs a little heavy on the nu-metal and modern rock. The good thing is that they have expanded to include a lot more real metal over time thanks to the presence of their on-air "Edge Mob" member Jym Harris; Harris is a metal fan and leader of a great traditional metal group called Emissary who helped us with some info on Bitch's Mystic Sessions bootleg. The show has been running since the late 1990's and is a very raucous party with lots of fan interaction and an openness to playing fan requests, hence its lengthy run. According to Jym, the show looks to be syndicated soon--congrats, guys!


Metal Resources:

No Life ‘Til Metal: This resource site surveys and offers insightful commentary on metal artists’ discographies.  The site is run by Scott Waters, a long-running metal fan and metal singer/band frontman (Waters played alongside current Bitch bass player Angelo Espino in Once Dead briefly).  Waters has a massive metal collection and this site is essentially a giant commentary on his collection, but because his collection is so comprehensive, it actually turns out to be a fascinating "go to" commentary on large portions of the metal pantheon. He even has a review of Bitch's Be My Slave/Damnation Alley CD; check it out!

There are so many things I love about the No Life 'Til Metal site.  First, the site keeps its base squarely on ground-zero traditional metal, and then reaches out from there, so in other words the site truly “keeps it metal”.  Next, Waters’ opinions are very fair, thoughtful, articulate, and well written, and he won’t mince words if something is really great or if something blows (he’s even willing to give his own friends bad reviews).  Next, it’s about MUSIC and not obsessed with or distracted by the seamy side of life (Waters is a born-again Christian and proud of it, which would explain this; however, he's not heavy-handed or preachy about it).  Next, the site does foray into pop metal and black/death metal, but keeps that stuff in the minority and doesn’t let it take over.  Finally, most all the references to nu-metal I’ve seen in this site say what needs to be said about it: that it sucks (again, keeping it metal). 

If you want to know more about metal and dig deeper than Metallica and Ozzy without leaving those two behind, this is a VERY good place to start learning and getting advice.  Just start reading about the bands you know about and like, and then start exploring, using Waters’ Playlists and Top Albums of the Year lists as a guide. Before long, No Life 'Til Metal will have you into all kinds of great metal you didn’t know existed. Run by Roadrunner Records, is probably the best source on the web for metal news from well both known and lesser-known metal bands and labels. 

Encyclopedia Metallum (Metal Archives): This user-updated metal database features detailed information on 700,000 metal bands and counting.  I used Metal Archives as a source for the Bitch discography, especially for researching the Bitch Members on Other Albums section (with Steve Gaines’ discography in particular it was an absolute lifesaver).

Sleaze Roxx: A very well organized and informative resource on the hair, sleaze, and glam metal of the 1980’s.  There are a number of groups whose only existing online information is on this site, and the layout and organization scheme is absolutely pristine.  I used this site in particular to research Odin and London further after watching Decline of Western Civilization Part II for the first time.  Their interview with Betsy is very high quality and probably the best on the web. 

Metal Sludge: This famous/notorious online metal fanzine is run by Stevie Rachelle of the Sunset Strip hair metal band Tuff.  What I love about Metal Sludge is that they are not afraid to call a spade a spade, even if it concerns their own heroes.  This is the way Metal fanzines should have been in the 1980’s instead of being overly nice and never giving a bad review.  If they were, it’s possible that metal bands wouldn’t have been able to get away with making so much crap in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s and alternative wouldn’t have derailed metal as brutally as it subsequently did.  The only time that Betsy has been mentioned in Metal Sludge so far is in this interview with Danny Dangerous of The Zeros; I’ll let you read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. I would say that between Sleaze Roxx and Metal Sludge, you can get about three-quarters of the way through a B.A. in Hair/Sleaze Studies. 

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