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Bitch Members on Other Albums

This part of the Bitch Discography lists albums that members of Bitch have appeared on outside of Bitch. The classic era members of Bitch are listed first, and the all-star members are listed after that.

Many of the albums and demos listed here were released on a very limited basis initially and are no longer available for purchase. However, other items are available for purchase, and whenever they are, we have linked the title to a source where you can buy the item. In most cases, this is, but a couple are linked to CDBaby and CDJapan. You can also browse the Amazon widgets to the left under the menu bar to look at the items in this section of the Bitch Discography that are available through

Classic Era Members

Betsy Bitch

Even though Betsy goes by “Betsy Bitch”, on all of the Bitch albums Betsy is credited simply as “Betsy”.  This tradition began with The Boxboys, where she is also credited by her first name only.

with The Boxboys:

"American Masquerade" b/w "Come See About Me" (aka Uptown Yankee Ska) (M.A.O. Records ZOH-002, 1980) 

The first of two 7” releases by The Boxboys, which to my knowledge is Los Angeles' earliest second-wave ska band. Ska fans often refer to this single as Uptown Yankee Ska, however this was not originally meant to be the title of the album, but rather a description of the music so record buyers would know what style of music the single was. “Come See About Me” is an intensified Supremes cover.

Skaletons in the Closet 2-10-80 (M.A.O. Records MAOS 3, 1981)

“Separate Rooms,” “Busy Boy” / “Go Go”  

This was a three-song EP consisting of leftover tracks from a recording session that produced part of the “American Masquerade” b/w “Come See About Me” single.   All three of the songs on Skaletons in the Closet feature Betsy on vocals, but Betsy had just left the band, which technically made these songs obsolete.  They were compiled into a “leftovers” EP so that the band could have something new to sell at shows without the extra costs of having to record new material.

The five songs on these two releases are very fun and well-performed new-wavey second wave ska.  Their only downside is that Betsy is not a particularly good fit for the group. Betsy’s lyrical contributions are well-written, but her sexy, womanly personality sounds restricted in this situation, although feisty bits shine through here and there, like when Betsy taunts an unnamed boy by asking, “How come you never call me?  Don’t you like girls anymore—hmmm?” at the end of “Come See About Me”.  A cute, sassy, girly personality like Jane Wiedlin’s probably would have worked much better for this group.  This unhappy “poor fit” situation was rectified several times over for Betsy when she joined Bitch, although not for The Boxboys, who would fade away soon after Betsy left. 

If you're interested in learning a little more about The Boxboys, there's a great interview with Betsy about her days with The Boxboys at Marco on the Bass' Ska Blog.  Click here to read it. 


with Lizzy Borden (guest vocals):

Terror Rising (Metal Blade RR 9621, 1987)

"Don't Touch Me There"

Various Artists:  Best of Metal Blade, Volume 3
  (Enigma/Metal Blade D-73319, 1988)

"Don't Touch Me There"

Terror Rising/Give Em the Axe
(Metal Blade 3984-14091-2, 1994)

"Don't Touch Me There"

Heavy metal performer Lizzy Borden is a big fan of the theatrical shock rock band The Tubes.  He decided to record a heavy metal version of The Tubes’ song “Don’t Touch Me There” for a 1987 stopgap EP called Terror Rising.  Terror Rising was recorded to tide fans over until Lizzy Borden had completed the full-length album Visual Lies, which would come out later the same year.  The vocals on the song “Don’t Touch Me There” are shared between a woman and a man, so Lizzy asked Betsy to come in and sing the lady’s part.  Betsy’s comments on the session are a tongue-in-cheek “That was a fun recording session, if I can remember back that far.”  The song appeared again in the 1988 compilation Best of Metal Blade, Vol. 3 (which also featured the Bitch song “Hot and Heavy” from The Bitch is Back), and again in the 1994 Terror Rising/Give ‘Em the Axe CD reissue.  


with Shadow (guest vocals):  

Forever Chaos (Japanese version only) (Victor Entertainment [Japan] MICP-10792, 2008)

“Damnation Alley”

Shadow is a melodic death metal group from Japan, and Forever Chaos is their second album.  The Japanese edition of the album features two Japanese version-only bonus tracks, one of which is a cover of “Damnation Alley” by Bitch featuring Betsy on vocals in a celebrity guest appearance. (The other Japanese bonus track is a cover of “Stand Up and Shout” by Dio.)


David Carruth

with Bad Axe:

Bad Axe (Record label?, serial #?, 1976)

Reissued on LP by Hexamon Records HR 002, 2004.  LP Reissue includes an insert and poster and is a numbered limited edition of 500.

“Cities of Rage,” “Stray,” “Do What We Please,” “What Did I Do,” “Set Me Free,” “Vacation,” “Blues L.A.,” “Foggy Morning,” “Road to Makin' It,” “Take Your Time”

This full-length LP is Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple-influenced 70’s hard rock that essentially sounds like a bunch of kids aping their heroes. It’s no classic, but it has its moments. David’s guitar sound is unflinchingly intense and buzzsaw-like throughout the entire album, which definitely adds fire to the record.

Bad Axe is most famous for featuring Dana Strum on bass; Strum would later achieve fame with Slaughter.  The other members of the group were David Carruth on guitar, Stacy Moreland on vocals, and Steve Ward on drums.  David joined the band soon after moving to L.A. in 1976 and stayed with the group until 1980.  

According to Bitch drummer Robby Settles: “I moved to Huntington Beach, CA in Nov 1979. David was already living in Van Nuys. Bad Axe was peaking at about that time. I went to some shows. I decided to move to Hollywood in August 1980. I stayed with David for two weeks while looking for apartment and work. By then Bad Axe was splintering. David felt Dana Strumm [sic] was up to something [and suspected] Bad Axe was auditioning or already rehearsing with other guitar players. By then I was living in Hollywood and David asked me to go to SIR [Studio Instrument Rentals, the rehearsal space both Bad Axe and Bitch rehearsed at] to check it out. So I made a surprise visit [and sure enough they were]. That was is it for David with Bad Axe.”  David and Robby would start Bitch right after this episode.  Apparently Bad Axe fell apart soon after the “surprise visit” episode, as Betsy does not remember ever running into Bad Axe at SIR when Bitch was rehearsing there, and does not remember them being active at the time either.

“Cry For Me” b/w ”All You Can Stand” (Progrezzive Records, EB7001, 1977)

A huge improvement on the Bad Axe LP released the previous year!  Much tighter arrangements and better songwriting to the point that it’s hard to tell it’s the same band!  Apparently a lot happened for this band in a relatively short time for them to make this much of an improvement in a year’s time.  The music on this 7” 45 rpm single continues to be straight-ahead, punchy 70’s hard rock. It’s a great little record that’s worth seeking out.


David Carruth & Robby Settles: 
(Plus Ed McCrary and Robert Farr from the 1999 “Infatuation” lineup):

with Killen:

Speak No Evil (Rainbo Records,  Serial #?  2005)

Epic: The Video (Rainbo Records, Serial #?  2006) (DVD)

Instrumental power metal four-piece Killen is a project fronted by Ed McCrary, who was part of the 1999 lineup of Bitch that recorded the song "Infatuation" that ended up on Metal Blade Records' 20th Anniversary Box Set (2002).  The band features founding Bitch members David Carruth and Robby Settles as permanent members of the band. Bitch's "Infatuation"-period bass player Robert Farr also contributed to four songs on the Speak No Evil CD, but the bass work on the rest of the CD and on the entirety of the Epic DVD are handled by Ben Cook, who was part of a band McCrary was in in the early 1990's called Bonedown.

Killen revels in power metal’s mid-tempo and slow-burning sides, concentrating on a rock solid musical foundation instead of speed and technical prowess.  The band’s underlying concept is to write and perform well-structured songs where the guitars “sing” instead of a vocalist, and they definitely succeed in that.  Killen’s music includes some prog elements in the power metal tradition as well, which provides some variety in tempo and dynamics.  This is great stuff for power metal fans who are overloaded on self-indulgent flash and “putter-putter-putter” ballast.  Traditional metal fans and progressive metal fans who are looking for music with strong arrangements and more musical substance should find plenty to enjoy in Killen as well.  Visit Killen's website at and their MySpace at for more information.


Mark Anthony Webb
(Damnation Alley/Be My Slave bass player)

with Molten Leather:  

Various Artists:  Metal Massacre II (Metal Blade MB1004, 1984)


In addition to featuring the first track ever released by Metal Blade “house band” Armored Saint, Metal Massacre II features tracks from two bands that each had Bitch bass players.  The other is Overkill L.A., who feature Ron Cordy and are listed below.

Various Artists: Metal Massacre Limited Edition Picture Disc Box (Metal Blade MBB1, 1984)  


This box set featured the first five Metal Massacre LP’s as picture discs.

Various Artists:  Grim Harvest: The Complete Metal Massacre Volumes I-XII  (Metal Blade/BMG Direct D207373, 1998)
Limited edition, numbered 11-CD box set


Features all twelve of the Metal Massacre albums in a limited BMG Record Club-exclusive box set.


Ron Cordy
(The Bitch is Back/Betsy/A Rose My Any Other Name bass player)

with Overkill (aka Overkill L.A. and SST Overkill):

Various Artists:  Metal Massacre II  (Metal Blade MB1004, 1984)

“No Holds Barred”  

In addition to the first track ever released by Metal Blade “house band” Armored Saint, Metal Massacre II features tracks from two bands that each had Bitch bass players.  (The other is Molten Leather, who feature former Bitch bass player Mark Anthony Webb and are listed above.) 

Overkill were a punk/metal crossover band that went on to sign with punk/alternative label SST Records and release a 7” EP and an album with them.  The band’s official name was “Overkill” and they went by that name during their entire existence, but when the current Overkill became the famous metal monsters they are today, SST changed the name of this band to “Overkill L.A.” to avoid confusion and legal problems.  The band would reform (minus Cordy) and change names again to SST Overkill, which they use today. 

Various Artists: Metal Massacre Limited Edition Picture Disc Box (Metal Blade MBB1, 1984)

“No Holds Barred”  

A box set featuring the first five Metal Massacre LP’s as picture discs.

Hell’s Getting Hotter 7" EP (SST Records SST 008, 1982)
“Hell's Getting Hotter,” “Our War,” “Burn the School,” “Don't Wanna Be Told”  

This early SST release was reissued on CD as part of the 7” Wonders of the World album (see below).  Gotta love the total time for this EP: 4:39.  That’s four minutes, thirty-nine seconds for all four tracks combined! 

Various Artists: The Blasting Concept (SST Records SST 013, 1983)

“Hell's Getting Hotter”  

Various Artists compilation featuring SST artists like The Minutemen, Black Flag, Meat Puppets, Würm, and Hüsker Dü.  Reissued on CD in 1987.

Triumph of the Will (Cesstone [SST] Records SST 038, 1985)

“What Do You Want,” “Triumph Of The Will,” “American Dream,” “Slaughter,” “No Holds Barred,” “Victimized,” “Ladies In Leather,” “Bad Boy,” “Chains,” “Addict,” “Lost Life,” “On The Loose,” “Don't Need A Reason,” “Head On”  

Released posthumously two years after the band’s 1983 breakup. The original vinyl of this title features the name “Overkill”, but the CD reissue of Triumph of the Will features the name Overkill L.A. to avoid confusion and legal problems with the far better known thrash band.  Reissued on CD in 1992.

Various Artists: The Blasting Concept Vol. 2  (SST Records SST 043, 1985)

“Over the Edge” 

Another SST compilation featuring The Minutemen, Meat Puppets, Hüsker Dü, Würm, and the influential doom metal band St. Vitus amongst others. “Over the Edge” is a non-LP track unavailable elsewhere.  Reissued on CD in 1988. 

Various Artists: The 7” Wonders of the World (SST Records SST 070, 1986)

“Hell's Getting Hotter,” “Our War”, “Burn the School”, “Don't Wanna Be Told”

Cassette/CD reissue of EP’s by The Minutemen, Black Flag, Meat Puppets, Würm, Hüsker Dü, and Overkill.  Features Overkill’s Hell’s Getting Hotter EP in its entirety.  Reissued on CD in 1988.  

Various Artists:  Grim Harvest: The Complete Metal Massacre Volumes I-XII  (Metal Blade/BMG Direct D207373, 1998)
Limited edition, numbered 11-CD box set

“No Holds Barred”

Features all twelve of the Metal Massacre albums in a limited BMG Record Club-exclusive box set.

All-Star Members

Steve Gaines, Dan Oliverio, Angelo Espino, Rob Alaniz

with Anger As Art:

Disfigure (Old School Metal [serial #?], 2009)

“The Crush,” “Appease an Angry God,” “It Feels Like Blood,” “Disfigure,” “The All Fall Down,” “Master Becomes the Slave,” “Seed of Hate,” “I Am Your Enemy,” “Anger is a Gift,” “Dissention

This is the third album by the Steve Gaines-fronted thrash metal project-turned-band that their label rightly calls "The embodiment and perhaps savior of American Thrash Metal." This is the album that brought the members of the Bitch All-Star Line-up Mark II together. togetehr foAccording to Steve G. in an email sent to me in July of 2009: “Now with a new reconfigured lineup featuring Hirax and Abattoir members, we are recording the 3rd Anger As Art album Disfigure for Old School Metal Records. Band is Myself, Danny Oliverio [guitar, Abattoir], Angelo Espino [bass, Hirax and Once Dead] and Rob Alaniz [drums, Abattoir].”  This album was released on November 15, 2009. This same line-up of the band is currently working on a fourth album tentatively entitled Hubris, Inc.

Live Dissent DVD (Old School Metal [serial #?], 2010)

A live DVD from the Disfigure line-up of Anger As Art (and soon to be the All-Star Line-Up Mark II of Bitch, with the addition of Betsy). According to "The disc features footage from the February 21, 2010 concert at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California, clips of the band on tour in Europe and in the USA, and a segment of the recording process for the Disfigure album. It was made available for the first time on Saturday, May 8 at the fifth annual Thrasho de Mayo show in Los Angeles."

(Note: Because Steve Gaines is the sole Bitch member in the previous lineups of Anger As Art, the earlier entries in the Anger As Art discography are listed in the Steve Gaines entry below.)


Steve Gaines and Dan Oliverio

with Abattoir: 

(Please note: although this Abattoir discography is very close to complete, it only documents Steve Gaines' and Dan Oliverio's involvement in Abattoir. Because of this, it misses their very earliest demos and their Metal Massacre IV appearance, which neither Steve nor Dan appeared on.)

Vicious Attack
(Combat Records MX 8014, 1985)

Reissued on CD by Century Media [UK and Europe] CM 66011, 1999, and by Heavy Metal Rock Records [Brazil] PLCD53233, 2008.

"Screams From The Grave," "Vicious Attack," "The Enemy," "Ace Of Spades," "The Living And The Dead," "Stronger Than Evil," "Don't Walk Alone," "Game Of Death"  

Steve was vocalist only on Abattoir’s first (and most famous) album; Dan is credited on the album but did not actually play on it (Juan Garcia, later of Agent Steel, and Evildead, was the actual guitarist here, but is uncredited).  The album played a minor role in the famous “PMRC Hearing” held before the United States Senate’s Committee On Commerce, Science, and Transportation on September 19, 1985. The album showed up in a slide show by PMRC consultant David Ling to illustrate the PMRC’s case (Bitch’s Be My Slave appeared later in the same slide show).  When the slide depicting the cover of Vicious Attack appeared, Mr. Ling said, “This is the cover of the new album by the band Abattoir.  The title song is about a homocidal [sic] maniac, and notice on the cover the arms of the man wrapped around the woman. In one hand is a long knife. The other hand holds a hook being pressed against the woman's breast.” (From p. 15 of the transcript of this hearing.)  “Ace of Spades” is a thrash metal cover of the famous Motörhead song.

Both Vicious Attack and The Only Safe Place were only released by Century Media in the UK and in continental Eurpoe. Sony had purchased the rights to the Combat catalogue for North America and would not grant permission for a North American release of the Abattoir albums; for that reason they were not and never have been released on CD legally in North America. 

Various Artists:  Bullets Volume One
(Combat Records MX 8111, 1986)

“Hammer of the Godz”

Dan appears on this track, but Steve does not. This sampler LP is the last album in the Combat Records catalogue to use the serial number with the MX prefix. The album they released immediately after this one is none other than The Only Safe Place by Abattoir, which is listed below.

The album featured Megadeth ("Peace Sells"), Abattoir ("Hammer of the Godz"), Helstar ("Remnants of War"), Agent Steel ("Mad Locust Rising"), Dark Angel ("The Burning of Sodom"), Agnostic Front ("The Eliminator"), The Crumbsuckers ("Bullsh** Society"), Impaler ("Blood Bath"), and Possessed ("Phantasm"), so a lot of famous and influential names within metal. For whatever reason, Abattoir's "Hammer of the Godz" would be spelled as "Hammer ofthe Gods" on the The Only Safe Place LP.

The Only Safe Place
(Combat Records 88561-8112, 1985)

Reissued on CD by Lonely Planet/Century Media [UK and Europe] [serial #?], 1999, and by Heavy Metal Rock Records [Brazil] PLCD53258, 2008?.

“Intro: Beyond the Altar,” “Bring on the Damned,” “The Only Safe Place," “Nothing Sacred,” “Hammer of the Gods,” “Back to Hell,” “Temptations of the Flesh,” “Under My Skin,” “S.B.D. (Feel the Fire),” “Night of the Knife” 

Dan plays guitar on this album. Steve had left Abattoir to join Bloodlust; ex-Heretic vocalist Mike Howe assumes vocal duties here.

Various Artists:  A Call to Irons 2: Tribute to Iron Maiden
(Dwell Records Dwell-1013, 1999)


Dan and Steve both appear on this, with Steve on bass and Dan on--lead vocals?! Yep, Dan Oliverio sings lead vocals on an Abattoir track for the first and so far only time right here. Abattoir's contribution rounds out an interesting but mixed bag of a compilation.

Various Artists:  A Call to Irons Volumes I & II: Tribute to Iron Maiden
(Dwell Records [serial #?], 2001)


Dan and Steve again. 2001 repackaging of Volumes One and Two of Dwell Records' Iron Maiden tributes with completely different artwork.

Various Artists:  Show No Mercy: Tribute to W.A.S.P.
(Dwell Records Dwell-1053, 2001)

“School Daze”

Steve sings and plays bass on this and on the contribution to the Saxon tribute; Dan had moved to Hawaii and was therefore absent.

You mean it’s not a tribute to Slayer?  Most of the groups on this unintentionally funny CD sound like they showed up for the wrong tribute album.  Abattoir offer a cover of “School Daze” from WA.S.P.’s self-titled 1983 debut, and seem rather alone here as a classic metal band on a compilation full of amateurish, wannabe-evil W.A.S.P. covers sung by high school monster vocalists. Two of current Bitch drummer Rob Alaniz' bands, Noctuary and Blasphemy Divine, contribute to the compilaton as well.

Various Artists:  A Metal Crusade: Tribute to Saxon (Dwell Records Dwell-1067, 2001)

“Motorcycle Man”  

A huge about-face from the W.A.S.P. tribute album mentioned above. A Metal Crusade is a pretty worthy tribute to the gods of NWOBHM, and features a lot of original metal bands from the 1980’s.  Many of these performers were part of the 1980’s metal scene and got a late start in releasing albums, but stayed true to the old school metal sound when they did get around to releasing albums later on.  Abattoir contributes a cover of “Motorcycle Man”, which is from Saxon’s second album, Wheels of Steel (1980). 

No Sleep ‘Til Kalamazoo (live) (Independent release, no serial #, 2001)

“Vicious Return,” “The Enemy,” “Under My Skin,” “Vicious Attack,” “Everybody Dies,” “Stronger than Evil,” “Off,” “Screams From the Grave,” “Ace of Spades”

Steve but no Dan again. This was an independently released live album recorded at Kalamazoo, Michigan at the Classic Metal Festival in June of 2001. When Steve joined the reformed Abattoir, he returned to vocal duties and also played bass, whereas he was a vocalist only in Abattoir previously. 

From the Ashes (unreleased album, 2004)

Steve but no Dan, and again on bass and vocals.


ABATTOIR: New Album Update, Special Anniversary Concert Planned - Sep. 20, 2004

Los Angeles-based thrash metal legends ABATTOIR will release their long-awaited new album in late 2004 or early 2005 through Artillery Music. "If you didn't know, we had a recording snafu in which all of the tracks were lost when we only had a rough mix completed," ABATTOIR frontman Steve Gaines writes in an online posting at The Earth-Dog Chamber. "So it will be a mastered version of the rough along with every demo we did going into the recording — plus the original two-song demo from 1983 — extremely rare — about 20 songs total. It will be called 'From the Ashes'."  

This was to be a triumphant return studio album, and even opened with a song called “Vicious Return.”  According to Steve:  “To my knowledge [From the Ashes] has not been released... it was under the care of [Abattoir guitarist] Mark Caro, although I do not know if releases were ever made available.  I have never seen an official release.”

Steve Gaines

with Bloodlust:

Anti-Life (3-song demo) (Sanguine Music, no serial #, 1987)

“Guilty as Sin”, “Trapped in the Void”, “C.T.R.”

After Steve Gaines left Abattoir, he joined Bloodlust, another Metal Blade discovery whose 1985 full-length Guilty As Sin has become another cult classic in the Metal Blade annals.  Steve sang vocals for Bloodlust, replacing Guilty As Sin vocalist Guy Lord.  This privately-released, cassette-only demo features “C.T.R.” and the song “Guilty As Sin” (there is no song called “Guilty as Sin” on the album of that name; both of these songs would be rerecorded for the Terminal Velocity EP the following year.

Terminal Velocity (Wild Rags Records WRR 005, 1988)

“Terminal Velocity,” “City of the Forgotten” / “C.T.R. (Sunday's Liar),” “Semper Fi / Guilty as Sin”

Four track, five-song EP.  Steve Gaines on vocals again. “Semper Fi” is an instrumental acoustic guitar piece that was used as an intro to the song “Guilty as Sin.”

Guilty as Sin/Terminal Velocity reissue (Old Metal Records OMR-40, 2007)  

A reissue of Bloodlust’s Metal Blade LP Guilty as Sin and the follow-up EP Terminal Velocity on one CD.  Steve only appears on the four tracks from Terminal Velocity.

Important Note!  Old Metal Records, a reissue label run by King Fowley of the bands Destruction and October 31, and Steve Gaines' current band
Anger As Art’s label Old School Metal Records are two different labels and are not to be confused.

with Tactics:

Various Artists:  Metal Massacre VIII (Metal Blade/Restless Records MBR/C/D 1081 / 72178-1/2/4, 1986)

“Spare No Lives”

This one did get a CD release on its own initially. The best known groups on this compilation are the skate metal group Sacred Reich and the speed metal group Viking.

The Master Plan
(Independent release, no serial #,1991)

“The Master Plan (Panic),” “Just Another Deal,” “On the Attack,” “Fear No Evil, “Something Wicked”, “Hard Times,” “Blessed and the Damned,” “Burn,” (Deep Purple cover), “Spare No Lives”

2-Song Demo (Independent release, no serial #, 1992)

2-Song Demo (Independent release, no serial #, 1993)

Various Artists:  Metal Massacre 8 & 9
(Metal Blade Records 3984-14058-2/4, 1994)

“Spare No Lives”

This is a 1994 CD reissue of Metal Massacre VIII with seven of the ten tracks from Metal Massacre Nine (1988) included at the end of the disc.

2-Song Demo
(Independent release, no serial #, 1995)

4-Song Demo (Independent release, no serial #, 1997)

Prey Upon the Weak (Independent release, no serial #, Year?)

Prey Upon the Weak was a CD compilation of the untitled demos released above.  I do not have any information on the song titles of the demos or the CD.  Anyone who has further information or copies of these, please feel free to contact me at davidgasten ??? yahoo !!!! com; I’d be interested in adding the song info here and hearing the music too. 


with Pagan War Machine:

Pagan War Machine EP (Independent release, no serial #, 2002)

“Bullet Proof,” “March Of The Pissed,” “Eyes That Burn The Soul,” “The Swarm”; reissued with live bonus tracks “Bullet Proof,” “Rage & Retribution,” and “The Swarm” in 2003.

Pagan War Machine was originally a side project for Dreams of Damnation (see below), but the interest in Pagan War Machine was high enough that it ended up taking on a life of its own briefly and even exceeded interest in Dreams of Damnation for a time.  Both Pagan War Machine and Dreams of Damnation feature Jim Durkin, founding member of Dark Angel, on guitar.  Steve sings and plays bass in Pagan War Machine. The live bonus tracks were recorded in Los Angeles in March 2003.


with Dreams of Damnation:

Vengeance: Chapter 1 EP (Record label? Serial #? 2003)

“New Flesh,” “Bring On The War,” “Women Of Sodom” 

Jim Durkin, who is also a founding member of Dark Angel, founded this group.  Steve shared guitar duties with Durkin in this band but did not sing.  Steve left both Dreams of Damnation and its side project Pagan War Machine in 2004 to begin a project that would become Anger as Art (see below). 


with Anger As Art:

Steve Gaines: Anger As Art (Independent release, no serial #, 2004)
reissued as
Anger As Art: Anger As Art (Old School Metal OSM 002, 2006)

“Attitude Adjustment,” “I Create Your God,” “Wide Awake,” “Hate In My Heart - Hell in My Head,” “Anger As Art,” “New War,” “Wait For The Hammer,” “Blood Of My Enemies”; reissued with live bonus tracks “Hate In My Heart - Hell In My Head,” “Everybody Dies”, “Anger As Art,” and “Troops of Doom.” in 2006.

“It was started as a vehicle—a catharsis of sorts—to let some songs I wrote be heard,” says Gaines. “And the response was so favorable, that I had to put a band together—there was too much demand.”

The first version of the first album was credited to Steve Gaines and entitled “Anger As Art.” The album was picked up by the indie label Old School Metal Records and reissued as a self-titled album by Anger As Art with new cover artwork and four live bonus tracks. All of the instrumentation on the initial nine studio tracks is performed by Steve Gaines; the live bonus tracks feature Steve with William Rustrum (guitar), Javier Marrufo (bass), and Mars Castro (drums) rounding out the band. The live bonus track “Troops of Doom” is a Sepultura cover.

Important Note! Anger As Art's label Old School Metal Records is a completely different label from Old Metal Records. Old Metal Records is a reissue label run by King Fowley of the bands Destruction and October 31; this label released the Bloodlust Guilty as Sin/Terminal Velocity CD reissue that Steve Gaines appears on (see entry above for more information).

Callous and Furor (Old School Metal OSM 004, 2006)

“Catharsis,” “Anger is Rising,” “Bane of My Existence,” “Gnashing of Teeth,” “No Seed of Mine,” “Callous and Furor,” “Watch Me Suffer (Watch Me Die),” “Race for the War,” “Invaders from Within,” “All That is Mine to Avenge,” “Self Destructing Man,” “HypoChrist,” “Still I Hate” 

This album features Steve Gaines (guitar), William Rustrum (guitar), Javier Marrufo (bass), and Mars Castro (drums), so the same lineup who play on the live bonus tracks on the reissued Anger as Art CD.

(Note: Starting with the third Anger As Art album Disfigure, the lineup changed to feature all four of the members of the Bitch All-Star Lineup Mark II. For this reason, the remainder of the Anger As Art discography is listed above in a separate entry acknowledging all four of the Bitch All-Star Line-Up Mark II backing musicians.)


Angelo Espino:

Angelo has also played live in Metal Blade Records speed metal band Predator and Medusa Records crossover thrash band Uncle Slam, but never recorded with either group. In the Nineties he recorded demos with Seed (which featrured ex-Reverend members), Oil, and Lucian (featuring David Ezrin, son of producer Bob Ezrin).

with L.S.N.:

Various Artists:  Metal Massacre VIII (Metal Blade/Restless Records MBR/C/D 1081 / 72178-1/2/4, 1986)

“Deadly Kiss”

The best known groups on this compilation are the skate metal group Sacred Reich and the speed metal group Viking. Steve Gaines' then-curent group Tactics also appeared on the compilation.

Various Artists:  Metal Massacre 8 & 9
(Metal Blade Records 3984-14058-2/4, 1994)

“Deadly Kiss”

This is a 1994 CD reissue of Metal Massacre VIII with seven of the ten tracks from Metal Massacre Nine (1988) included at the end of the disc. Dissenter, another group Angelo played in (see below), is on Metal Massacre Nine and Metal Massacre 8 & 9 with a track called "Blood Under Heaven" that was engineered by Bill Metoyer at Track Record Studios, however Angelo did not play on that track.


with Dissenter:

Dissenter (Self-released, no serial #, 1989)

"The Calling," "On the Wings of a Demon," "The Razor's Edge," "Blood Under Heaven"

A cassette-only four-song demo. Apparently the version of "Blood Under Heaven" included here is different than the one included on Metal Massacre Nine (1988).

Various Artists:  Molten Metal Monsters Volume One
(Siegen Records SR-MMD1, 1993)

"On the Wings of a Demon"

A solid sixteen-track CD compilation of underground thrash metal groups that came along a little late in the game. Dissenter offers one track from their self-titled, four-song demo.

with Reverend:

Play God (Charisma 91751-2/4, 1991)

"Butcher of Baghdad," "Heaven on Earth," "Fortunate Son," "Blessings," "Promised Land," "Play God," "Warp the Mind," "What You're Looking For," "Blackened Thrive," "Death of Me," "Far Away"

Speed/power metal band Reverend formed out of a session of metal musical chairs between Metal Church and Heretic that ended up Heretic vocalist Mike Howe joiining Metal Church, Heretic breaking up, and previous Metal Church vocalist David Wayne, known as "The Reverend" while in Metal Church, joining up with two of the members of Heretic to form this band. The group is named after Wayne's moniker. Angelo left crossover thrash group Uncle Slam to fill in on bass after original (ex-Heretic) bassist Dennis O'Hara left the band; he would later join Bitch member Steve Gaines in the band Dreams of Damnation (see above). Angelo played in the band from 1989 until their initial 1992 breakup. This is the only full studio LP that Angelo did with the group.

Live (Charisma 92149-2/4, 1992)

"Gunpoint," "World Won't Miss You," "Scattered Wits," "B.O.B.," "Promised Land," "Power of Persuasion"

This live EP features tracks from all three of Reverend's previous releases: three from World Won't Miss You (1990), and one from Play God (1991), and one from the Reverend EP (1989), in that order; it also adds a previously unreleased song called "B.O.B." The anti-metal backlash of the Nineties would bring this band's career to an abrupt end, although they would reform in 2000 minus Angelo.


with Hirax:

The New Age of Terror (Deep Six/Black Devil/Mausoleum/TPL Records, [serial #?], 2004)

"Kill Switch", "Hostile Territory", "The New Age of Terror", "Swords of Steel", "Into the Ruins", "Massacre of the Innocent" (instrumental), "Hell on Earth", "Suffer", "El Dia De Los Muertos" (instrumental), "El Diablo Negro" (new version), "Unleash the Dogs of War"

Reissued on a limited CD+DVD in 2008 by Thrash Corner Records [country?], THCR021, and Emm/Season Of Mist [country?], SEM 823528. New edition features remastered sound, new artwork layout, and a bonus DVD featuring over 100 minutes of live material.

This album finds thrash metal banner wavers Hirax at the top of their game. Singer/founder Katon W. De Pena, guitarist Glenn Rogers, and bassist Angelo Espino have a powerful chemistry together, and the album gets even better as it thrashes on!

The album initially received a release on CD and on vinyl; it also received a cassette release in Malaysia. The cover of the colored vinyl on Black Devil Records features a closer crop of the artwork, focusing on the face of the dog and completely cutting out the cat in the lower right hand corner of the original. There is another version on TPL Records that has a gatefold cover and black vinyl, and has the full artwork instead of the cropped version.

This particular lineup of Hirax would fold in 2006. Glenn Rogers would later participate in the partial reunion of the Christian thrash metal band Vengeance Rising under the name Once Dead, and would invite Angelo to participate. See the entry below on Once Dead for more on that.

Various Artists: Louder Than Hell (Six Weeks, [serial #?], 2005)

“Hostile Territory”

Hirax leads out this six-track, 7" single that also includes The Accüsed, Toxic Narcotic, Municipal Waste, and Vöetsek.

Thrash 'Til Death: Live In Concert
DVD (Black Devil Records, no serial #, 2006)

The The New Age of Terror line-up gets a full documentation on this live DVD. According to the back cover, this DVD features a full concert from The Minneapolis Mayhem Festival, Minneapolis, MN, May 6, 2005, plus bonus footage from the Band Your Head, Germany2003; Sweden Rock Festival, Sweden 2004; Tidal Wave Festival, San Francisco, CA, USA 2004; Dokk ' Em Open Air Fstival, Holand, 2004; and a club gig at The Pound, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2005. The extras include a eidden video featuring a 1985 live video of "Demons Evil Forces" at Fender’s Ballroom, Long Beach, CA, USA; backstage interview at the Sweden Rock Festival June 2004; a Promo Video; Hirax Discography; 2004 Photo Gallery; and a catalogue promo. Angelo appears in the footage from 2004 and 2005, so he is in everything but the 2003 Bang Your Head Footage and the hidden 1985 footage.

Assassins of War/The New Age of Terror
(Kill Switch Records, [serial #?], 2007)

A reissue of both The New Age of Terror and its follow-up EP, Assassins of War (2007), in their entirety and together on one CD. Angelo does not appear on Assassins of War. The cover features a closer crop of the New Age of Terror cover, focusing on the face of the dog and completely cutting out the cat in the lower right hand corner of the original.

Thrash Metal Assassins
([label?], [serial #?], 2008)

"Kill Switch", "The New Age of Terror", "Massacre of the Innocent" (instrumental), "Unleash the Dogs of War"

A career-spanning Hirax compilation that apparently only released as an insert in the 2008 Polish magazine Hard Rocker #6.


with Once Dead:

Visions of Hell (Open Grave Records, [serial #?], 2008)

"Body Parts," "Devotion," "Visions of Hell," "Grave Diggers: The Forgotten Genocide," "The Contract," "Laodicea," "Feeding My Addiction," "Rise Above," "Flesheater," "Defy Man"

Once Dead began as a semi-reunion of the original members of the controversial, violence-obsessed Christian thrash/death metal band Vengeance Rising, minus their even more controversial original lead singer Roger Martinez. The band gets their name from the title of Once Dead (1989), the second of two albums that the original Vengeance Rising lineup did together. Vengeance Rising/Once Dead co-founder Glenn Rogers was also in Hirax with Angelo Espino, and invited Angelo to join Once Dead when the original bassist left. Over time, the band has into a separate entity of their own after what initially began as a trip down memory lane, and this new entity is what we hear on this album.

Of particular interest here is "The Contract", a track that was intended to be on Vengeance Rising's third LP, and which the original group performed in concert c. 1990. Due to the original line-up defecting on vocalist Martinez, the track went unrecorded until the release of this album.


Rob Alaniz:

Rob performs in the current live version of Abattoir, however he has yet to record with them. He has been in a number of death/black metal and powerviolence groups whose albums are somewhat outside of the scope of this discography and therefore are not detailed here, including: Winterthrall, Despise You, Noctuary, Rise, Krieg, Blasphemy Divine, H8torade, T.U.B.B., T.D.O.M.A.Y.K.I., and Fecal Offerings.

with Evildead

The Awakening (self-released, no serial #, 1987)

"Sloe Death," "The Awakening," "Process: Elimination"

Evildead was formed in early 1987 out of the ashes of Abattoir. Members of the band were frustrated with the more commercial direction that Abattoir's management wanted them to take, preferring to take a thrash metal direction instead. Abattoir members Mel Sanchez (vocals, bass) and Mark Caro (guitar) joined up with previous Abattoir member Juan Garcia (guitar), who had just left Agent Steel, and added former Abattoir roadie Rob Alaniz on drums. The band named themselves after the 1981 horror film The Evil Dead.

Mark Caro helped the band record The Awakening, thier initial cassette-only, three-song demo, and played in the band's first show, opening for Dark Angel and Possessed in Apirl 1987 in front of an audience of 1,500 people, before leaving the group. Caro was replaced by jazz fusion guitarist-turned-metal guitarist Albert Gonzalez, who had previously perfromed in a talented but unrecorded traditional metal group called Full Force. Gonzalez did not appear on The Amakening demo.

Rise Above
(RC Records [USA] RC/RCC 9466; Europe: SPV/Steamhammer Records [Germany] SPV 50-7577, 1988; SPV 55-7590 [3" CD], 1989)

"Rise Above/S.T. Riff," "Run Again", "Sloe Death"

Within a matter of months of performing their first show, Evildead were signed to Steamhammer/SPV Records in Germany. Evildead's first professionally-recorded EP, Rise Above, was recorded a The Music Grinder in LA. The American rights on the EP were bought out by Roadracer Records (now Roadrunner Records). "Rise Above/S.T. Riff" is a cover of the Black Flag song with the main riff of Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized" added at the end. SST Records, who held the rights on the Black Flag song, initially did not want the song to be covered by a thrash metal band and refused clearance to release the song, but finally obliged at the very last minute.

Initially released on 12" vinyl and cassette in the USA and Europe, Rise Above was also released on a 3" CD with an adapter in a slimline case in Europe only in 1989.

Annihilation of Civilization
(SPV/Steamhammer Records [Germany], SPV 08-7602 / 084-7603, 1989)

"F.C.I. / The Awakening," "Annihilation Of Civilization," "Living Good," "Future Shock," "Holy Trials," "Gone Shooting," "Parricide," "Unauthorized Exploitation," "B.O.H.I.C.A" (CD-only bonus track)

Annihilation of Civilization was only released in Europe initially, and did not receive a US release until 2004 (seee Annihilation of Civilization/Rise Above below). "B.O.H.I.C.A." was a CD-only bonus track left off of the LP; it has been included on every CD reissue of the album since its initial release.

Two weeks after the recording of Rise Above in 1988, Evildead was back at The Music Grinder recording studio, recording their first full-length album, Annihilation of Civilization. Unfortunately, the album was not released until nearly a year later because Steamhammer were dragging their feet in paying for the completed mater tapes, and the studio would not release the master tapes until they received payment from the label. After eight months they finally paid up, and released the album in Europe only in 1989. Although this delay hurt the band's momentum somewhat, the album still went on to sell 40,000 copies in Europe.

Evildead played the Milwaukee Metalfest II and III on July 23, 1988 and December 2, 1989, respectively, appearing both times with the genre-defining band Death. This chance meeting would be a game changer for both Evildead and Death. At the 1988 festival date, Evildead and Death played prereleases of their upcoming albums for each other, which were Evildead's Annihilation of Civilization and Death's Spiritual Healing respectively. Some of the members of Evildead, including Rob Alaniz and Albert Gonzalez, realized that Death's "Death Metal" was the direction things were going in, and that thrash metal was getting left behind. With the 1989 festival proving this even moreso and Evildead continuing to stay firmly in a thrash metal vein, both Rob and Albert ended up leaving Evildead to form the death metal band Rise.

On the other hand, Death took an interest in Albert Gonzalez's guitar style and jazz fusion technique, and invited Gonzalez to fill in for the fourteen-date Spiritual Healing US Tour in September and October of 1990 that featured Death, The British band Carcass, and The Dutch band Pestilence. (See this page for a list of tour dates and flyers.) According to Rob Alaniz, Gonzalez' presence on this tour in particular was so inspirational to these groups that they began incorporating jazz fusion and progressive elements into their sound. Pestilence released jazz-fusion and prog-influenced death metal album Testimony of the Ancients on September 3, 1991, and Carcass released the concept album Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious on October 21. But it was Death's Human, released October 22nd of 1991 that had the most impact. With its particular focus on jazz fusion, Human became the cornerstone album for "Technical Death Metal", the musicians' side of death metal. By 1993, this subgengre found metal musicians that were previously trying to outdo each other in extemities of speed, gore, and scariness now trying to outdo each other in reaching out and expanding as musicians, drawing from jazz fusion and heavy progressive rock groups like King Crimson and Hawkwind for inspiration. Some of the early expansions on this Technical Death Metal theme included Elements by Atheist, Spheres by Pestilence, Focus by Cynic, and Dimensions by Believer (all 1993). Death continued in this vein as well, with albums like Individual Thought Patterns (1993) and Symbolic (1995). The genre inspired a backlash, largely aimed at the high-profile release of Carcass' Heartwork (1993) and Swansong (1996), with many death metal bands choosing to return to the basics of the death metal sound. However, the technical and fusion/prog side of death metal still exists as a subgenre to this day, with metal musicians continuing to explore the space that this chance meeting between Evildead and Death happened to open up.

Annihilation of Civilization
/Rise Above
(Teichiku Records [Japan] TECP-25051, 1989, reissued 2000; Scarlet Records [USA] SC 090-2, 2004)

"F.C.I. / The Awakening," "Annihilation Of Civilization," "Living Good," "Future Shock," "Holy Trials," "Gone Shooting," "Parricide," "Unauthorized Exploitation," "B.O.H.I.C.A," "Rise Above/S.T. Riff," "Run Again", "Sloe Death"

Annihilation of Civilization and Rise Above received their first 2-on-1 CD release in Japan in 1989; the first Japanese version featured a slightly altered version of the Rise Above artwork and the second featured the Annihilation of Civilization artwork. This 2-on-1 CD reissue (also featuring the Annihilation of Civilization artwork) received an American release in 2004; this was the first time Annihilation of Civilization was ever released in the States.

2 Originals of Evildead
(SPV/Steamhammer Records [Germany] SPV 310-72600, 2003)

"F.C.I. / The Awakening," "Annihilation Of Civilization," "Living Good," "Future Shock," "Holy Trials," "Gone Shooting," "Parricide," "Unauthorized Exploitation," "B.O.H.I.C.A," "Rise Above/S.T. Riff," "Run Again", "Sloe Death"

This was a European-only 2-CD package reissue of Annihilation of Civilization/Rise Above and the 1990 follow-up albumThe Underworld, the latter of which Rob does not appear on.


Steve Kara and Jay Dean
with The Electric Prunes:

The Electric Prunes/Sky Sunlight Saxon/Love:  California 66: Tour Edition (Label?, Serial #?, 2009)

“Hideaway (live),” “Never Had It Better (live)”

This album was compiled to sell on a 2009 package tour which the Prunes ended out dropping out of due to disagreements with the concert promoters.  Sky Saxon of the pioneering sixties punk/psychedelic band The Seeds passed away before the tour took place, which left Love to complete the tour with Jerry Miller of Moby Grape. There are two more Electric Prunes songs on the compilation that Steve K. and Jay did not appear on, "Circus Freak" (from the 2006 album Feedback) and a demo of "Left in Blue."  Founding Electric Prunes members Mark Tulin and James Lowe also contributed interviews to a recollection track about the 1960's that concludes the album.

Guitarists Steve Kara and Jay Dean have been working with The Electric Prunes in a live setting since 2004.  The Prunes are currently working on a new album that is being produced by Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, and Steve K. and Jay will be performing on that album.  More news to come on that…

Steve Kara
(aka István)

Steve Kara’s discography is very convoluted and hard to track.  After his work with the 1970’s Jesus rock group Gentle Faith, Steve K. worked primarily as a touring guitarist for Pat Boone, Debby Boone, Larry Norman, and Randy Stonehill amongst others.  Larry Norman’s estate has released many of Norman’s concerts as official bootlegs with no personnel information included, so it’s very likely that Steve appears on at least a few of those releases.  I also have information about Steve playing on some of Bryan McLean of Love’s solo material around 1982, but have not been able to find out if any of it was released officially. 

Any and all assistance with tracking Steve Kara’s discography would be greatly appreciated.  Any Larry Norman fans, Love fans, psych/prog fans, Jesus Music fans, etc. are encouraged to send whatever information they have on Steve Kara’s officially-released audio or video appearances to davidgasten ??? yahoo !!! com.

with Gentle Faith:

Gentle Faith (Maranatha! Music HS-027, 1976)  

“Simple Song”, “Living in the Sonshine”, “The Whole Lump of Dough”, “It's So Good to Know”, “Jerusalem”, “Noah”, “My Love for You”, “Turnaround”, “Home” 

Gentle Faith was a Jesus rock group that maybe best known as the launch pad for the career of blues/rock/gospel performer Darrell Mansfield, who was the band’s frontman.  Steve Kara was full-time guitarist for this group. The group started as a psych/prog group and went in a country rock/bluegrass/jam band direction.

The album suggests a young band with a lot of ideas that doesn't have enough room on the album for everything that they want to do, which unfortunately makes the album very scattershot. There's some real gems scattered throughout this hodgepodge though. The most remembered song in this album is "Jerusalem", which sounds like a shorter and more minimalistic "Epitaph" by King Crimson."Living in the Sonshine" is hard rock played on acoustic instruments and is quite good; "Turnaround" starts quiet and unassuming and then builds to an intense and emotional climax. So they're no All Saved Freak Band, but they do have their moments.

with Malcolm Wild:  

Broken Chains (Maranatha! Music MM0069, 1980)

The only solo album ever released by Malcolm Wild, who was one half of the folk rock/beat duo Malcolm & Alwyn.

with Debby Boone:

With My Song (Lamb & Lion LL1046, 1980)

One of Debby “You Light Up My Life” Boone’s Christian inspirational albums.  Some of the music Steve K. appears on is in a haunting 60’s folk style similar to Donovan or Bryan McLean’s solo material, and some of it is in a girly 70’s schlock pop vein ala very early Amy Grant or, well, “You Light Up My Life”.  Curb Records reissued With My Song on CD in 1992, and reissued it again in 2008 as a 2-CD Value Package paired with Debby’s 1987 inspirational album Friends for Life.


with Various Artists:

God Loves Country Music  (Maranatha! Music MM0080, 1981)

This was an all-star Calvary Chapel project featuring Steve Kara on acoustic guitar alongside famous names like Darrell Mansfield (who was band mates with Steve K. in Gentle Faith), Bernie Leadon (The Eagles, The Flying Burrito Brothers), Chris Hillman (The Byrds), Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield, Poco, Richie Furay Band), Terry Taylor (Daniel Amos), and Tommy Coomes (LoveSong) amongst others.

(with Bryan McLean of Love?????)

with Timothy Leary & Simon Stokes:

Right to Fly (PsychoRelic Records 71278 60035 2, 1996)  

The final Timothy Leary album, which came out six weeks after his death.  (Leary died on May 31, 1996, and the album was released July 16 of that year.)  The album has also been released by Mausoleum and Pet Rock Records.  Strangely enough, this is where Steve’s interest in heavy metal starts to show itself.

Jay Dean

with Mystery Roundup:



with The Dirty Dogs:

3-Song Demo (self-released, no serial #, 1989)

“Ladies’ Man,” “Dirty Dogs,” “Watchin’ The World Go Round”

The Dirty Dogs were part of the late 80’s/early 90’s wave of Sunset Strip Scene metal bands that followed in Guns n’ Roses’ wake.  Other notables from this period of the Sunset Strip Scene include Jetboy, The Hangmen, and Junkyard.  In their brief period together (1988-1990), The Dirty Dogs became one of the top-drawing acts in the Hollywood club scene, packing out legendary venues like The Whiskey-a-Go-Go, The Coconut Teaser, and Club Lingerie.  At different points the band included Jay Dean, Fred Gordon, Mickey MacMahan, Randy Scarbeary, Tim English, and Nate Winger (brother of Kip Winger).   This three-song demo was produced by Beau Hill, producer for Ratt, Winger, and Alice Cooper amongst others.   Apparently the band just missed being signed to A&M Records after the demo was recorded.  The band recorded another demo after Jay left the band in 1989, and the tracks from that demo are featured on The Dirty Dogs’ official MySpace.


with Baby Driver:

4-Song Demo (self-released, no serial #, 1991)

A short-lived post-Dirty Dogs band featuring ex-Dirty Dogs members Jay Dean, Mickey McMahan, and Fred Gordon, with another vocalist replacing Tim English.  


with Gordon/English Project:

The Liars’ Club  (motion picture released by New Horizon Picture Corporation, 1993; VHS release 736991446335, 10-29-1996)

“Times Are Getting Hard”

A 1991 in-studio project featuring Jay Dean, Tim English, Fred Gordon, and Randy Scarbeary, all of whom were ex-members of The Dirty Dogs.  The song was produced by Dean Chamberlain, formerly of The Motels and the cult new wave band Code Blue.

with Gor Mkhitarian:  

Episode (Gor Music, [serial #?], 2004)

“Shogher Jan (Traditional),” “Cold Wagon 1993,” “One Song,” “Wherever,” “Stigma,” “90 Days,” “Wedding Gift,” “No Limits,” “Me and My Country,” “Jail,” “Disease”

Gor Mkhitarian is an award-winning Armenian singer-songwriter who lives in Los Angeles but has a VERY large following in his Armenian homeland.  His initial claim to fame was a member of Lav Eli, a well-known rock band in Armenia.  This is his first album after moving to Los Angeles; Jay Dean has been a regular member of his backup group since his move to LA.

Gor (Gor Music, [serial #?], 2006)

“Breakdown,” “Stigma,” “One Song,” “Tip of My Fingers,” “Amber Glow,” “Cold Wagon 1993,” “Nothing at All,” “About God” 

“Stigma” and “Cold Wagon 1993” were originally on Episode and make a second appearance on this album.

Acoustic Folklore  (Gor Music, [serial #?], 2007)

“Mokats Mirza,” “Inchu Bingyole Mtar,” “Sarer,” “Shogher Jan (Re-Mastered),” “Artsiv,” “Sasuntsiner,” “Aravotyan Yerg”

Contains recordings of many Armenian folk songs. “Shogher Jan” was originally on Episode and makes a second appearance on this album.

United Fantasies: Exit Ahead  (Gor Music, [serial #?], 2008)

“Last Letter,” “Heavenly Sunday,” “Walk With Me,” “Hallucinogen,” “New York,” “Good Morning Defeat,” “Escape,” “Moscow,” “You're Discontent,” “Song Unvisited,” “Dream (Remix),” “Amazing Man”

Spirit  (Gor Music, [serial #?], 2009)

“Yes Achq (I'm the Eye),” “Hrashqner (Miracles),” “Hayr Mer (Lords Prayer),” “Or (Day),” “Orhnutyun (Blessing),” “Luysi masin (About Light),” “Dzyun (Snow),” “Haghtanak (Victory),” “Orhnutyun (Acoustic),” “Unaynutyun (Vanity),” “About God (Remastered)”

According to a press release posted in Gor’s Facebook fan page: “Spirit is a collaboration of the artist and Fr. Vazken Movsesian, director of the In His Shoes Mission. The album was formed out of a desire to provide new generations with the spirituality of the ancient Armenian church. Spirit does exactly that. The songs harmoniously weave ancient church music with the pop sound that is Gor’s trademark.”  “About God” was originally on Gor and makes a second appearance on this album.

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