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Bitch Discography

An asterisk (*) denotes rare or non-LP track.

This part of the Bitch Discography lists the compilation albums that Bitch has appeared on. Metal Blade Records was quite proud of Bitch and featured them over and over in Metal Blade compilations, even after Bitch ceased to be on the label's roster. For this reason, a full twelve of the compilation titles listed here (out of fifteen) are on Metal Blade.

Most of these compilations are available for sale on, and when they are, we have linked the title to a place on Amazon where you can buy the item. You can also use the Amazon widget to the left under the menu bar to browse the items in this section of the Bitch Discography that are available through Amazon.


Metal Massacre I

Metal Massacre (aka Metal Massacre I)

Enigma/Metal Blade MBR/RC-1001
12” vinyl (R) and Cassette (RC)
Released 6-1-1982
Reissued with altered track listing 2-1-1984 (on 12” vinyl and cassette)
Reissued on CD (2) and cassette (4)  3984 14041-2/4 

Live for the Whip (demo version)  

Bitch’s contribution appears on all versions.  For full information on exact serial numbers of the various pressings of this album, go to


  Metal Massacre III

Metal Massacre III

Enigma/Metal Blade MBR/RC-1008; E/EC-1017
12” vinyl (R/E) and Cassette (RC/EC)
Released 7-1-1983
Reissued on CD (2) and cassette (4) 3984 14043-2/4

Riding in Thunder  

Released the same day as Be My Slave. More detailed information on the album at


The Sound of Hollywood Girls front The Sound of Hollywood Girls back
Front Cover
Back Cover

The Sound of Hollywood Girls

Mystic Records, MLP 33110
Released c. February 1983
12” vinyl

I’m In Love*

Full Track List:

L. A. Girls "Sure"
Solomon Kane "Twilight Zone"
The Skirts "S&M Blvd. Boy"
Screamin' Sirens "Ugly & Slouchy"
Butch [different band; not to be confused with Bitch] "Tractor Trailer Tragedy"
De De Troit "He Hit Me"

Hellion "Nightmares"
BITCH "I'm In Love"
Sin 34 "Runaway/Not No Fun"
I.U.D. "Baby Junky"
Hot Food To Go "On The Prowl"
Toxic Fumes "Easy Money" 

This LP was the first installment in the underground label Mystic Records’ “The Sound of Hollywood” series, which documented underground bands in LA.  This edition focused on female-fronted groups.  Bitch and Hellion are the only heavy metal groups on an LP otherwise dominated by punk acts, and the label saw fit to release the two bands’ contributions separately on a split 7” single (see the Albums section of the Bitch Discography for more information on the single).


  Metal Massacre 2 and 3 cassette

Metal Massacre II & III

Enigma/Metal Blade EC-1066
Released 4-1-1984

Riding in Thunder  

Reissue of Metal Massacre II and III on one cassette; features completely different artwork.

Metal Massacre Picture Disc Box Set

Metal Massacre Limited Edition Picture Disc Box Set

Metal Blade MBB1
Released c. May 1984
5-LP picture disc box set, limited to 1000 numbered copies

Live for the Whip (demo version)
Riding in Thunder

Contains picture discs of the first five Metal Massacre LP’s.


Total Destruction Total Destruction cassette

Total Destruction

Enigma/Metal Blade MBR-1022; E/EC 1080
Released 6-1-1984
12” vinyl (R/E) and cassette (EC)  

Be My Slave (remix)*
Live for the Whip (studio version)

Includes a remixed version of “Be My Slave” unavailable anywhere else.  This was a midline-priced sampler of the at-that-time current Metal Blade roster.  A sticker placed directly on the album priced the album at $6.98 US (albums and cassettes were generally priced at $8.98 or $9.98 at the time).

From the back cover of the LP and inside of the cassette tray card: “Total Destruction highlights the stable of artists on Metal Blade Records, one of the finest [of] all Metal labels. This album is a great introduction to the Metal Blade label for those of you who are not familiar with us.  For those of you who are, we’ve included a couple of special recordings of two of our biggest acts, Bitch and Slayer. These special tracks are only available on this album.”  The previously unreleased Bitch track is a remix of “Be My Slave” and the previously unreleased Slayer track is a remix of “Die By the Sword”; both are marked “Specially re-mixed for this album”.  The “Be My Slave” remix has never appeared on any other release and has never been released on CD.  I am unsure about the Slayer track, but that’s another story for another website.


The Best of Meatl Blade Vol. 1 CD, autographed The Best of Metal Blade Vol. 1 cassette
Autographed CD

The Best of Metal Blade, Vol. 1

Restless/Metal Blade MBR/RC-1061 and 72117-1/2/4
Released 4-1-1986
12” vinyl (R, 1), cassette (RC, 4), and CD (2)  

Be My Slave


The Best of Metal Blade Vol. 3 CD The Best of Metal Blade Vol. 3 cassette

The Best of Metal Blade, Vol. 3

Enigma/Metal Blade D1/2/4-73319
Released 4-1-1988
12” double-LP (1), cassette (4), and CD (2) 

Hot and Heavy

Released on the same day as the Betsy album. Also features Lizzy Borden’s cover of The Tubes’ “Don’t Touch Me There”, which features Betsy as guest vocalist.


The Best of Metal Massacre CD The Best of Metal Massacre cassette

The Best of Metal Massacre

Metal Blade/Restless 7 72411-2/4
Released 4-1-1989
Cassette (4) and CD (2)

Live for the Whip (demo version)  

The cassette features 18 tracks and the CD features 16 tracks; both include the track from Bitch.  There is an 11-track vinyl version (72411-1), however, it does not include the track from Bitch.  Also, there is a later Japanese CD released by Metal Blade Japan entitled The Best of Metal Massacre, but with different artwork and a different track lineup; this Japanese release does not include any songs by Bitch.


Metal Blade 15th Anniversary Double CD

Metal Blade 15th Anniversary Double CD

Metal Blade 3984-14135-2
Released 7-15-1997
2-CD set

Live for the Whip (demo version)


Grim Harvest Box Set 

Grim Harvest: The Complete Metal Massacre Volumes I-XII

Metal Blade/BMG Direct D207373
Released 1998
(exact date unknown)
Limited edition, numbered 11-CD box set

Live for the Whip (demo version)
Riding in Thunder

Features all twelve of the Metal Massacre albums in a limited, numbered box set.  The box set was an exclusive item only available to members of the BMG Record Club.

  Metal Blade 20th Anniversary Box Set

Metal Blade 20th Anniversary Box Set

Metal Blade 3984-14404-2
Released 10-22-2002
9 CD + 1 DVD box set limited to 5000 copies  

Live for the Whip (studio version)
Be My Slave
(Lyrics and Music: Carruth/Farr/McCrary/Settles/Weiss)
Live for the Whip (live 1983) (on DVD)  

Bass Player on “Infatuation”:  Robert Farr
Second guitar player on “Infatuation”: Ed McCrary (currently with Killen)

“Infatuation” is a newer track recorded in 1999 with a five-piece line-up, which to my knowledge was a first for the band.  It is featured as a previously unreleased track on Disc Nine of this box set and has never seen a release anywhere else.  A very obscure ghost site claims, “June 1999 --- We just heard that Bitch has recorded a demo for Metal Blade Records and that they are negoriation [sic] with Metal Blade for a new LP deal!”  “Infatuation” is from this demo (the song was copyrighted in 1999) and the album negotiations didn’t work out. 

“Infatuation” itself is not the strongest song in the world musically, but Betsy’s lyrics make it a very entertaining listen.  The song is about a creepy married stalker that follows Betsy and won’t leave her alone no matter how many times she tells him, so she ends up teasing him and turning his slobbery lust around on him.  It’s classic Betsy and just loaded with trademark Betsy personality.

The DVD appearance of “Live For the Whip” is a one-camera recording of a 1983 concert.  The show comes from Bitch's collection of past live shows, and was recorded at the Roxy. I am unsure what day it was recorded.  It is the oldest video footage on the DVD.

The Metal Blade 20th Anniversary Box Set is a massive set that takes some work to go through, and can be a little intimidating for the uninitiated. For that reason I built an online browsing companion for the box set, which contains some commentary from yours truly, a full track listing, track-by-track commentary from Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel, MP3 samples of many of the songs, and about two thirds of the clips on the DVD, including the video of “Live For the Whip”! You can visit this guide to the box set at

Hollywood Rocks Box Set Hollywood Rocks Compact Version
Compact Edition

Hollywood Rocks: The Audio Companion

Dead Line Records CLP 1388-2
Released 6-21-2005
4-CD box set
Reissued as Compact Edition with different artwork (Deadline Records CLP-CD-2851) on 8-19-2008

Be My Slave

This four-CD box set was released by Dead Line Records (Cleopatra Records’ metal imprint) as a companion piece to the book Hollywood Rocks, which documents the Sunset Strip metal scene of the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  The initial release of the box set was housed in a large rectangular box with four CD’s, a 72-page booklet containing information on each of the bands (Bitch’s entry is on page 18), a button, and a plastic-covered “backstage pass”.  Bitch appears on Disc One, which documents the years 1980-1985.

The set was reissued in 2008 as a limited “Compact Edition,” which is approximately the size of a double-jewel box and houses the four CD’s in paperboard slip sleeves.  Each of the individual CD's has the same cover art work as the corresponding CD in the long box version of the box set.  Dead Line also released a 3-LP set under the Hollywood Rocks title with the same album artwork as the compact edition; however, it features a completely different track listing and does not feature any Bitch material. 


Video Meltdown LD Video Meltdown VHS
Laser Disc

 Various Artists: Video Meltdown

Metal Blade/Enigma 7 75914-3, VHS; Metal Blade/Enigma distributed by Image Entertainment ID7926EN, LaserDisc
Released 2-1-1990
VHS (NTSC), LaserDisc (one-sided, also NTSC)

Turn You Inside Out (music video)

Total runtime of this behind-the-scenes “Metal Blade Home Video” interspersed with music videos is 56 minutes.  The “Turn You Inside Out” music video rounds out the programme. 

“Turn You Inside Out” is one of two music videos shot on a Hollywood soundstage for the Betsy album on May 21-22, 1988 (the other is “You'll Never Get Out (Of This Love Alive)”, which has never been officially released on home video).  Although the band went under the name “Betsy” at the time the video was recorded and the “Bet-Z” logo is featured prominently in the music video, the credits attribute the music video to “Bitch.”     


The Best of Band Your Head DVD

Various Artists: Best of Bang Your Head Festival

Locomotive Records (Spain)/e-m-s (Germany) (LM321 NTSC/PAL)
Released 5-1-2006
2-DVD set (Region 0; available in NTSC and PAL versions)

Live for the Whip (Live 2003)

Bass Player: Johnny Zell

This is a compilation of recordings and memories from the Bang Your Head Festival in Balingen, Germany, covering festival highlights from the years 2001 to 2005.  Disc One features a live performance of “Live for the Whip” from 2003 with a new, previously unreleased pseudo-rap interlude.   Disc Two features video footage of Bitch approaching the stage with their equipment, the band signing autographs, and Betsy modeling a guitar being given away by Jack Starr of Virgin Steele.  A bonus Photo Gallery features three still photographs of Betsy performing onstage, and one still of Betsy talking to Dee Snider of Twisted Sister offstage.


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