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All photos courtesy Mike “Ozzy” Gibbens unless marked otherwise.

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Recent Pictures of Betsy On Stage
My favorite picture of Betsy singing! I just love the cute smile on her face in this one. From a rehearsal with Witch in late 2008. (Courtesy
The next five are from an All-Star Bitch show from 2007 at the Tarzana, CA club Paladino's.
You'll recognize the necklace pendant from the cover of the Damnation Alley EP.
Girl power!
Betsy takes a water break while the band plays on.
Now that's what I call a lucky water bottle!
Singing The Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" with Spiders and Snakes (fronted by Lizzy Grey of London), November 8, 2009.
Betsy with Witch at The Black Castle, August 15, 2009.
Here's one more of Betsy at Paladino's. You can see Betsy's Alice Cooper tattoo really well in this one.


Betsy With Bitch's All-Star Line-Up Mark I, Paladino's 2007
Here is the first (and to my knowledge only) picture of the All-Star Line-Up Mark I. L to R: Steve Kara, Betsy, Robby Settles, Steve Gaines, Jay Dean.
A really cute picture of Betsy, with both Steves tearing it up behind her.
Another cute picture of Betsy, this time sounding off against Jay.
I love Betsy's confident pose in this picture.
Betsy with both Steves again and Robby just barely visible in the backgraound.
Another with Steve G. kicking tail.



Betsy Portraits by Digital Pam
(photos in this section courtesy Digital Pam Photography)
Digital Pam is a friend of Betsy's, and has a very long-running career as a film and still photographer, visual artist, graphics designer, model, actress, and dancer. These photos were taken in a car garage circa June 2009 and enhanced by Pam later on.

Camera shy? Not me!

Betsy with her '71 VW Karmann Ghia.

Add some fatigues and this would be enough to make any man patriotic!


Those blue eyes shine right through all that lavender. (I know it's an effect, but it still looks great!)

With the Ghia again. Wow... <8-0

Rock on, Betsy!


Betsy Offstage and With Friends
A recent picture of Betsy with the legendary Lizzy Borden.
Betsy getting ready to go out and party!
Here's a professional shot of Betsy from 2008; not for sure who the studio or photographer is. (Courtesy Betsy)
*Sigh* The eyes have it...
Betsy with Johnny Zell, the final bass player in the classic Bitch lineup and the one who appears in the The Best of Bang Your Head DVD. The other gal is a friend of Betsy's named Maya.
Here's Betsy with Mike "Ozzy" Gibbens, the fellow who has donated most of these pictures. Ozzy is a former Bitch roadie who is still friends with Betsy.
This is really something. Betsy has a fan named Spider that had the photo of Betsy on the cover of Be My Slave tattooed on this back. I think that earns him the title of the biggest Bitch fan ever.
Betsy gets a big hug from Spider, her #1 biggest fan. Awwwww.....
A really nice professional shot of Betsy, this one taken in November '09. Betsy is wearing grape-colored purple lipstick in the original photo, so I fixed the lipstick color so it would blend into the photo better. (Courtesy Betsy)

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