We have two entries for this foundational R&B artist, both of which concentrate on his
1954-1958 Rockin' Period:

Louis Jordan with a hard jumpin' remake of his 1946 hit "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens". The version is from the Mercury album Somebody Up There Digs Me (1956).

Louis Jordan's "Rockin' Period" (1954-1958) Discography

The godfather of Jump Blues’ best-known and most important music was released in the 1940’s and very early 1950’s.  But as Louis Jordan’s popularity began to wane, his music began to intensify.  It is this hard-rocking post-Decca period, covering his sessions with Aladdin, "X", Vik, and Mercury Records, that we examine in this detailed and annotated discography.

Collecting Louis Jordan

Collecting Louis Jordan's Rockin' Period just got much easier and cheaper with the 2011 release of Jasmine Records' 2-CD compilation The Rock 'n' Roll Years 1955-58. Here we discuss the rather convoluted and spotty reissue treatment Louis Jordan's rockin' era received before the advent of this release, and offer some advice on what to supplement this purchase with to get a complete collection.

(Big thanks to collector Gary Diamond for helping us procure some of the information printed in both of these articles.)