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Bill Haley & His Comets' perennial "Rock Around the Clock" (1954).

An Introduction to Bill Haley

Subtitled “The Man Who Turned Jump Blues Into Rock ’n Roll,” this article looks at the story of how Haley managed to create the hybrid genre of Rock ’n Roll, and why his own creation left him behind.  The article discusses Haley’s four theme albums, as well as the Comets spinoff group The Jodimars. The Jodimars would later become Bill Haley’s Original Comets, one of rock music’s longest-running nostalgia acts.

Bill Haley Essex and Decca Discography

Complete and annotated discography of Haley’s most famous period, spanning 1952 to 1959. Features descriptions and reviews of the LP’s Bill Haley released for Decca Records, including reviews of his four theme LP’s, Rockin’ The Oldies (1957), Rockin’ Around the World (1958), Bill Haley’s Chicks (1959), and Strictly Instrumental (1959).