I was astounded at the energy these artists put into celebrating the great classic sounds.
There should be a law about "coolage". These guys broke it!


“What a great mix of lounge, blues, exotica, swing, old and new. People will dig this whether they like Vintage Music or are just getting into it.”

–"TIKI" CHRIS PINTO, novelist and Tiki blogger

Thanks to TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES and television shows like MAD MEN, we are constantly reminded that there was a time when culture—and real life—was simpler, classier, and happier.  It was a time when everyday people treated each other with respect. When men kept their word with a simple handshake.  And when women were so glamorous and ladylike, men would practically line up to open doors for them. That alternate universe now has a name—VINTAGE.   And VINTAGE MUSIC is its official soundtrack.

THIS IS VINTAGE NOW introduces Vintage Music as a thriving, forward-moving musical movement. The musicians on This is Vintage Now tap into the spirit of the original Vintage period, and bring its “anything can happen” excitement forward to today’s listeners.

The compilation features saxophone legend BIG JAY McNEELY, celebrated Dutch chanteuse CARO EMERALD, and premiere Exotica group THE WAITIKI 7, as well as up-and-coming artists like heavy jump blues act DAVID GASTEN & THE CITY KIDS and Australian femme fatale ILANA CHARNELLE.  It also includes two original Vintage performers from the 1950’s, BEVERLY KENNEY and CAROLE CREVELING, who offer new ways to discover original Vintage Music without resorting to the clichés of the jazz reissue treadmill.

It’s been a long time since new music has been this magical, unpredictable, and deeply satisfying, but that excitement is back and better than ever with This is Vintage Now!

Track List

This is Vintage Now

from Snuggled On Your Shoulder (2006/2010); recorded c. 1954.

“Get On Up and Boogie (Parts 1, 2, and 3)”
from Party Time (2009)

“Just One Dance”
from Deleted Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor (2010)

Previously unreleased (recorded 2010)

“Tears On My Pillow” (live)
Previously unreleased (recorded 2010)

from New Sounds of Exotica (2010)

“The Deacon Don’t Like It”
Previously unreleased (recorded 2010)

“Between The Devil And the Deep Sea”
from Here Comes Carole Creveling Vol. 1 + 2 (2007); recorded 1956.

“If Hawthorne Were Foggy”
from Theremins of Mystery (2009)

“Fare Thee Well (And Go To Hell)”
from Welcome to Cocktail Hell (2002)

Album Credits

Compilation Produced by David Gasten
Mastered by Chris Chieffo at Studio Magnifico, Boulder, CO, USA
Legal Assistance by Carmen Hillebrew, Hollywood, CA, USA
Fashion Illustration “Marcie” Designed by Ginger Muntz, Madrid, Spain
Album Cover Art designed by Ginger Muntz and David Gasten with input from Robert Falk

Album © 2010, 2011 Swing City Productions.  All rights reserved.

(Irving Caesar, Vincent Youmans)
From Snuggled On Your Shoulder, SSJ Records [Japan], 2006. Reissued by Cellar Door Records [USA], 2010. Recorded c. 1954.

Beverly Kenney - vocals
Tony Tamburello - piano

Compilation produced by Bill Reed

© 2006, 2010 Cellar Door Records

BIG JAY McNEELY "Get On Up And Boogie (Parts 1, 2, and 3)"
(Big Jay McNeely)
From Party Time, Stichting Boogie Productions [Holland], 2009.

Big Jay McNeely - tenor sax and vocals
Rinus Groeneveld - tenor sax, alto sax
Martijn Schok - piano
Stefan Jankowski - guitar
Sergei Shapko - bass
Maarten Kruijswijk - drums
Gino, Sonny and Tienson - percussion

Produced by Big Jay McNeely, Rinus Groeneveld, and Martijn Schok

© 2009 McNeely, Schok, Groeneveld

CARO EMERALD "Just One Dance"
(David Schreurs/Vincent Degiorgio/Jan van Wieringen)
From Deleted Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor, Grandmono [Holland]/Dramatico [UK], 2010.

Caro Emerald - vocals
Daan Herweg - piano
Wieger Hoogendorp - electric guitar, banjo
David Schreurs/Jan van Wieringen - mellotron strings, drum drogramming, percussion, mellotron, synth, synthbass, vibraphone
Robin Veldmen - string machine, hammond organ, sound fx
Floris van der Vlugt - tenor sax

Brass arranged by Peter Huber, performed by:
Peter Huber - trumpet
Arnoud de Graaff - tenor saxophone
Koen Schouten - baritone saxophone

Produced by David Schreurs and Jan van Wieringen for Grandmono Productions

"Just One Dance" written by David Schreurs/Vincent Degiorgio/Jan van Wieringen. Performed by Caro Emerald. (c)+(p) 2010 Grandmono Records.

(Ilana Charnelle Gelbart)
Previously Unreleased.  Recorded 2010 [Australia].

Ilana Charnelle - vocals, piano

Produced by Ilana Charnelle

© 2010 Ilana Charnelle.  All rights reserved.

THE PHAROHS "Tears On My Pillow"
(live) (Sylvester Bradford, Al Lewis)
Previously Unreleased.  Recorded 2010 [USA].

Ray Evridge - piano, vocals
Charles Perez - guitar, backing vocals
Marc Rossi - bass
J.J. Jackson - drums

© 2010 Ray Evridge. All rights reserved.

THE WAITIKI 7 "Similau"
(Arden Carr, Harry Collman & Leopoldo Gonzales)
From New Sounds of Exotica, Pass Out Records [Hawaii], 2010.

Tim Mayer - flute, alto flute, soprano sax, clave, hulusi, guiro
Helen Liu - violin, ocean drum, guiro
Zaccai Curtis - piano
Jim Benoit - vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel
Abe Lagrimas Jr. - drums
Lopaka Colon - percussion, bird and animal calls
Randy Wong - double bass and bandleader

Produced by Randy Wong and Tim Mayer

© 2010 Waitiki International, LLC

DAVID GASTEN & THE CITY KIDS "The Deacon Don't Like It"
(Traditional, Arranged by David Gasten and David “Ribs” Farley)
Previously Unreleased.  Recorded 2010 [USA].

David Gasten - vocals
David “Ribs” Farley - bass
Michael Chodosh - guitar
Jeffrey Kennison - drums
Joshua Perron, John Grace, David Gasten - backing vocals

Produced by Randall Frazier and David Gasten

© 2010 Swing City Productions.  All Rights reserved.

CAROLE CREVELING "Between The Devil And the Deep Blue Sea"
(Ted Koehler, Harold Arlen)
Originally from non-LP single "Willow Weep For Me" b/w "Between The Devil And the Deep Blue Sea", Euterpean Records [USA], 1956. Reissued on Here Comes Carole Creveling Vol. 1 + 2, SSJ Records [Japan], 2007.

Carole Creveling - vocals
Lou Levy - piano
Max Bennett - bass
Chuck Flores - drums

Compilation produced by Bill Reed

© 1956 Cellar Door Records

BLAKE JONES & THE TRIKE SHOP "If Hawthorne Were Foggy"
(Blake Jones)
From Blake Jones: Theremins of Mystery, Whisper-Ma-Phone [USA], 2009.

Blake Jones - All instruments and vocals

Produced and Recorded by Blake Jones

© Blake Jones, 2009

THE NECRO TONZ "Fare Thee Well (And Go To Hell)"
(lyrics Necrophilia, music The Necro Tonz)
From Welcome to Cocktail Hell, self-released [USA], 2002.

Necrophilia - vocals
Smilin' Jack the Ripper - guitar
Mike the Mangler - saxophone
Glooo - bass
Mr. Robin Graves - drums

Recorded by Tim Romine
Produced by The Necro Tonz

"Fare Thee Well (And Go to Hell)" © 2002 Necro Tonz Toonz. © 2002 Colleen Morgan.  All rights reserved.