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is a Vintage Music compilation series that features great artists who bring the spirit of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s to today.


The first album in the series, 2011's This is Vintage Now Vol. 1, has been a hit in Spotify, with 2.3 milion song plays and counting as of January 2017. This is Vintage Now Vol. 2: Happiness is a Way of Life, the August 2017 followup, is a theme album designed to be an instant vacation/holiday for the soul. It features exclusive hi-fi remasters from veteran artists Sue Raney, Robert Drasnin, and Laurie Allyn, along with nine of the best and most authentic-sounding Vintage artists of our day.


This is an archived website which we still maintain that was originally built for This is Vintage Now Vol. 1 when it was released in 2011. Learn more about the This is Vintage Now Vol. 1 artists in the About the Artists section. We have introductory articles and annotated discographies covering Wynonie Harris, Bill Haley, Louis Jordan, and more in the Our Heroes section. And our Vintage Links section is a resource page with more to explore in Vintage Lifestyle, Tiki Culture, and, of course, Vintage Music.


Think of this site as a doorway into a whole new world, and a better world at that: the exciting and deeply satisfying new world of VINTAGE.