The Necro Tonz

"Fare Thee Well (And Go To Hell)"

The Necro Tonz

From the album
Welcome to Cocktail Hell,
self-released [USA], 2002.

The Necro Tonz "Welcomee To Cocktail Hell"

The Necro Tonz
"Fare Thee Well (And Go To Hell)" (lo bitrate)


This is Vintage Now Vol. 1 ends with the highly entertaining B horror-inspired Halloween jazz group The Necro Tonz.   They make a postmortem appearance here with “Fare Thee Well (And Go To Hell)”, from their now out-of-print album Welcome to Cocktail Hell (2002).

This talented “Vampira And Her Addams Family Swing Combo” act do Halloween jazz exactly the way you would want it done, with swingin’, atmospheric music, vampy sex appeal, and black humour and high camp galore, all underscored with rock solid musicianship.   Red-haired chanteuse Colleen “Necrophilia” Morgan,  self-proclaimed “Diva of the Dead”, croons in a sultry “come hither if you dare” contralto, backed by four corpse-painted musicians named Mike the Mangler, Smilin’ Jack the Ripper, Robin Graves, and Glooo (with three “o”’s).  In their late-1990’s heyday, this group would fill the dance floors of goth clubs with swing dancers, leaving people bewildered and unsure of what to make of them. Particularly impressive is their solid commitment to jazz in this environment, when everything around them was firmly entrenched in goth and punk. Hence why we have included them on This is Vintage Now Vol. 1.

The Necro Tonz have done some clever and well-executed (no pun intended) swing covers of heavy metal and hard rock songs that work surprisingly well.  One of these is “Black No. 1” by heavy metal band Type O Negative. Their cover version came to the attention of Type O Negative’s late frontman Peter Steele, who tried unsuccessfully to have The Nerco Tonz tour with Type O Negative as the latter’s opening act.  After this fell through, Steele continued to stay in touch with Necrophilia.  However, this turned into Steele falling for her and chasing after Necrophilia over the course of a summer, leaving dozens of warped, demented messages on her answering machine (which she kept on a CD and still has).  Irony of ironies, the irresistible “Diva of the Dead” refused Steele’s advances and sent him looking elsewhere because she was too much of a good girl (or is that “a good ghoul”?) for him. :)

Although Welcome to Cocktail Hell is out-of-print, there are copies available at (US). The group disbanded sometime in the mid-2000's, but they did reform for a packed one-off reunion show that took place on Halloween night, 2012, in their home city of Dallas, Texas.

We are hoping to bring The Necro Tonz back for This is Vintage Now Vol. 3: Good Times, Good Tunes! Songs For When You're Feeling Good. We are planning to use a track from their excellent, promo-only 2001 Demo. 2001 Demo (actually recorded in 2000) was a full-length demonstration record featuring thirteeen tracks, including demo versions of many of the songs that were finally released on Welcome to Cocktail Hell, as well as rare tracks never recorded by the band anywhere else. We will be using one of the rare, otherwise unrecorded tracks from this album.

The Necro Tonz Discography:

Are You Dead, Yet?
(Last Beat Records, 1997)
2001 Demo (promo only) (The Necro Tonz, 2000)
Welcome to Cocktail Hell (The Necro Tonz, 2002)