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A preview of the Deluxe Mini LP CD release of This is Vintage Now Vol. 2: Happiness is a Way of Life.  Preorder your copy via Paypal or GoFundMe.

This is Vintage Now Vol. 1 has been available for four years now on digital and streaming formats. In particular, it has been a hit on in Spotify, where it has 2.6 million song plays and counting. We are following this up with a new album that you are going to love: This is Vintage Now Vol. 2: Happiness is a Way of Life.

Featuring thirteen artists from six different countries, This is Vintage Now Vol. 2: Happiness is a Way of Life is coming soon to take you poolside to a mid century resort far away, or maybe to a space age cocktail lounge full of enticing drinks and fascinating people. The album will feautre legacy artists such as exotica legend Robert Drasnin and veteran jazz vocalist Sue Raney, along with some of the best and most authentic-sounding Vintage artists of our day. Bill Metoyer, one of Los Angeles' best veteran audio engineers, will be mastering the album. It's an album that you will enjoy escaping to over and over again!

Click to Preview the This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 Deluxe Mini-LP CD

This is Vintage Now Vol. 2
will be released as a Deluxe Mini-LP CD that looks and feels like a baby 1950's LP.  The jacket will be a gatefold (fold-out) record sleeve with an original illustration from reknowned comic and fantasy artist William Stout on the inside, and with artwork from mid-century artists Sam Gambino and Donna Mibus on the outside. The inserts will include a fold-out poster with pictures of the artists and detailed liner notes, as well as a frameable art print of Donna Mibus' back cover art. The CD itself will be printed to look like a baby LP, and will include two otherwise unavailable bonus tracks that have not been released on any other album, and will not be on the MP3/streaming edition of hte album. The CD will be housed in a soft cotton sleeve, and the entire package will be inside a resealable clear plastic outer sleeve to protect it from dust and wear.

Pre-Order Your Copy of the This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 Deluxe Mini-LP CD on PayPal or at GoFundMe.


Reward Packages at GoFundMe Production Fund Campaign Page

Since the release of This is Vintage Now Vol.1, the demand for good quality 1950's/60's has gotten more exacting in its desire for a purer, more authentic sound. In order to do our part to fill this need, we are pulliing launching a GoFundMe crowdfunding camapign that will cover the cost of giving this album a "No Compromise" production, release, and promotion.

We are offering reward packages from $5 up to $10,000 that you can buy on the This is Vintage Now Production Fund Campaign Page on GoFundMe. Here's a rundown of what we have to offer:

Palace Level $10,000 (Only 2 available!) Receive your own Vintage Music party. This is a Vintage theme party where decorators will provide theme party décor, and a caterer will stock an hors d'oeurves table, with non-alcoholic beverages also supplied. Music will be personally DJ'ed all evening by This is Vintage Now producer David Gasten. The highlight of the night will be a live concert performance by one of the artists on the This is Vintage Now series! And you will also receive the Penthouse Plus Package, presented in a beautiful Vintage hatbox-style package.

Stipulations: Transportation and accomodation for the DJ, decorators, caterer, and the artist is not included in the price if you are located outside of the Greater Los Angeles area. If you choose a group from outside of your local area to play, you are responsible for their accomodations and transportation to and from the event. Not all This is Vintage Now artists will be available for this party, and you must choose from who is actually available. You are responsible to invite the guests, and they must follow a sem-formal dress code of suit jackets, ties, dress pants, and dress shoes for men, and appropriate evening attire for women. If you choose to serve alcoholic beverages, the caterer can serve them, but you must supply these yourself. You must sign a code of conduct agreement before the show begins, and the party must be in line with local laws and ordinances.

Estate Level $5,000 (Only 3 available!) Hollywood Music Tour with David Gasten. See the sites in Hollywood and the surrounding area where great 1950's music was made! This tour is custom designed to your musical interests. We start with a bistro luncheon. A stretch sedan will then pick us up, and we will take a tour that tells a story about the making of the 1950's music you love and will stop at key places where the artists lived, the labels were located, and the music was performed in and around the Hollywood area in Los Angeles. The tour will tell a story, and feature videos, sample tracks, etc. presented on David Gasten's iPad. Once we are done, the sedan will return you to your hotel, and give you time to change into evening wear. It will then escort you to downtown LA, where you will meet David again for dinner and vintage music at Maxwell DeMille's Cicada Club, which is LA's premier Vintage music venue. Plus you will receive the Penthouse Plus Package to you in person in a beautiful Vintage hatbox-style package.

Stipulations: You are responsible for your own accomodations and travel expenses to Los Angeles. We recommend booking a hotel close to the Hollywood area. Because all accomodations must be booked in advance, the tour cannot be rescheduled or refunded once it is scheduled. You must sign a code of conduct agreement before the tour begins.

Manor Level $1,000 (Only 10 available!) Exclusive unveiling of This is Vintage Now Vol. 3. You are invited to an exclusive gourmet luncheon to hear This is Vintage Now Volume 3: Good Times, Good Times! Songs For When You're Feeling Good played for the first time. The luncheon will be hosted by This is Vintage Now producer David Gasten and will also feature some of LA's beautiful vintage models. We will unveil, for the first time, the cover photography for This is Vintage Now Vol. 3, and will supply you with your own personal follow-along scrapbook that will have photos and mementos of the artists and will tell their stories as you listen to This is Vintage Now Volume 3 played in its entirety. We will present you with your Penthouse Plus Package in a beautiful Vintage hatbox-style package, and will bring out some other custom party favors.

Stipulations: You are responsible for your own accomodations and travel expenses to Los Angeles. Because of the advance preparation involved in this presentation, your participation will be required at the time and date scheduled in advance. Once scheduled, the package cannot be rescheduled nor refunded.

PENTHOUSE PLUS $600 Get your name in the "Special Thanks List" in the This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 Mini LP CD liner notes! This is a special, offset "Thank you list" that will let everyone who owns the album know that you are a part of making the produciton of this album a reality! Plus you will get the following books:

• Koop Kooper's Cocktail Nation: The Interviews Vol. 1 (2013) and Vol. 2 (2015), a two-part collection of interviews from the movers and shakers in today's Vintage scene, along with many veterans from the original period. Compiled by Australian radio personality Koop Kooper, these are transcriptions of interivews that originally aired on his weekly radio broadcast Koop Kooper's Cocktail Nation, and contain information not available anywhere else.

• Lady Liberty: The Definitive Julie London Handbook (2013) by Jim Spencer, a California-based pianist, author, and musicologist who is probably the most prolific artist in the entire Vintage movement. This book is a coffee table-style book that is full of information and previously unpublished photos and about one of the most loved and remembered of all the lady jazz vocalists of the 1950's and 1960's.

You also get all of the previous packages.

Penthouse Level $400
Add ALL of the CD's that This is Vintage Now Vol. 1 is taken from! You will receive:

• Beverly Kenney: The Complete Royal Roost Recordings 2-CD set (Fresh Sound Records [Spanish import], 2012)
• Big Jay McNeely: Party Time (Private Release [Dutch Import], 2009)
• Caro Emerald: Deleted Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor (Grandmono Records [Dutch Import], 2010)
• The Waitiki 7: New Sounds of Exotica (Pass Out Records [Hawaii], 2010)
• Carole Creveling: Here Comes Carole Creveling Vol. 1 + 2 deluxe Mini LP CD (SSJ [Japanese import], 2007)
• Blake Jones: Theremins of Mystery (Whisper-Ma-Phone, 2009)
• The Necro Tonz: Welcome to Cocktail Hell (Private Release, 2002)

The Necro Tonz' Welcome to Cocktail Hell is very rare and hard to come by, so we will be doing deep searches to find copies of this one. Your copy will likely be in pre-owned but good condition.

You also get all of the previous packages.

Suite Level $250
Get all of the CD's (eight total) that This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 is taken from! This instant collection includes two Japanese imports and one Australian import! (Full list coming soon!) You also get all of the previous packages.

Donna Mibus Santa Monica Pier Art

Donna Mibus' Santa Monica Pier Cat art, which the back cover art on the This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 Mini LP CD will be based on. A print of this art will be available in all of the GoFundMe Campaign packages of $100 or more.

Townhouse Level $100 Get a high quality 12" x 12" print of the Santa Monica Pier Cat art by mid-century modern artist Donna Mibus that the This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 Mini LP CD back cover art is taken from! (see the photo) Plus we will send you one This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 artist CD; you may choose from the following:

• Sad Salamanders: Cigarettes and Fishnets (2008)
Laura Ainsworth: Necessary Evil (2013)
Alika Lyman Group: Alika Lyman Group (2013)

Plus you receive the previous packages.

Mezzanine Level $60
Your Mini LP CD is signed to you and kissed in cherry red lipstick by Paulie, the lovely model on the cover of This is Vintage Now Vol. 2! :-D It will also be signed and numbered by series producer David Gasten. Plus we will send you the download sticker and the signed thank you card.

Bungalow Level $30
Receive both the Premium Quality Mini LP CD signed and numbered by producer David Gasten AND the download sticker. Plus we'll send a hand signed thank you card.

A donation of $5 gets our sincere gratitude. We truly appreciate your help in bringing this album into being! Make it $10 and it's a Download Sticker pre-order.

Choose your reward package at GoFundMe.