Ilana Charnelle


Ilana Charnelle
Photo by Sarah Walker.

Previously Unreleased.
Recorded 2010 [Australia].

This is Vintage Now

Ilana Charnelle "Piece" (lo bitrate)


Ilana Charnelle is a young singer/pianist from Melbourne, Australia with a smoky, noir-ish Transitional Vintage style.  Ilana has been playing piano since she was eight and writing songs since she was ten, and then began playing in a Vintage style in the late 2000's. Like many Vintage fans, when she fell for Vintage, she fell hard and didn’t look back.  “I heard some remakes of the classics and fell in love with the songs, which made me want to look into the originals,” Ilana says. “And soon I had discovered a treasure trove of music that I just clicked with.”

With Ilana Charnelle, there seems to be two ladies in the same body, one a heart-meltingly sweet teenage girl, and the other an experienced woman of the world smouldering with lethal sex appeal.  How she keeps the two from getting into catfights is a mystery.  She is also a stunning beauty that could easily carve out an alternate career as a Vintage-style model—or an actress, which she already has a few credits as.

Up to this point, Ilana’s fan base has centered around her YouTube channel, where she has posted dozens of alternately cute and entrancing videos featuring her singing and playing songs on the piano. “Piece,” the song featured on This is Vintage Now, is one of Ilana’s original songs, and marks her first appearance on any album or compilation. Her debut EP, Speakeasy, is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3, and you can listen to it on Spotify.

Ilana continues to work locally in and around her home city of Melbourne; you can check out her current schedule on her official website.

Ilana Charnelle Discography:

Speakeasy EP (Independent release [Australia], 2012)